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By your logic we must have had something to prove against MLS teams as well because we played similar teams in those games.
6 years ago
I thought this video was going to be of his defending at Old Trafford.
7 years ago
Unbeaten in all competitions so far this season, something the rent boys can't claim.
Just a little joke, chill. Why would anyone want to waste their time with the Welsh national team, Wales don't care about football, never have. He grew up in ...
Bale wears Giggs pyjamas.
I'm a big Rafael fan but you have to understand why we went with experience for a tough-tackling team like Stoke.
That's rich coming from an Arsenal fan. With that attitude you might as well give up on every competition you play in for the next few years because you ain't w...
I don't like Ballack but his style of play suited Chelsea. They will regret it.
Yes well done. Matches are arranged beforehand otherwise how would the team coaches know where to go? Maybe Liverpool can use your insight to help them get off ...
8 years ago
I feel privileged to watch Giggsy play. The greatest British player of my generation. Overrated and Giggs do not belong in the same sentence! (besides this one)
Read here hey post here
Whoever think Utd were rubbish obviously didn't watch the match. Bossed a 12-man Chelsea at home.
You're so wrong. Berbatov was great, shame he had to go off. Better than that lousy Tevez any day.
The replay of the Arshavin penalty claim looks to me looks like Fletcher got the man before the ball. Maybe it is justice for the CL last season. I agree it's...
I cannot believe we won this game playing as we did! Why was Berbatov on the bench until the 85th minute? Both penalties should have been given but Arshavin s...
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