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I know, and thanks for the friend request. see you around
7 years ago
Hey Man, thanks for ur comment on the madrid game. Just wanted to let u know that not all real madrid fans are dicks. So if u encounter a few trolly ones, igno...
I was watching the match with my roomate who is a chelsea supporter and both of us thought that one of the worst players on the pitch was lampard. I mean it was...
Thanks for the vote of confidence, although i must say that i am happy that marcelo was able to prove a few wrong, albeit against a 10 man side.
Thanks for the vote of confidence, although i must say that i am happy that marcelo was able to prove a few wrong, albeit against a 10 man side.
Well, i did not think tottenham did badly with 10 men, though i am absolutely sure, we would have done better against 11 of them , because they would not have d...
To be absolutely honest, i am not sure of the ferguson ban, but i am absolutely 100% sure that rooney had to get punished. Not that its rooney's fault, i mean h...
Its the only way the FA's of respective countries earn money through matchday revenue and television rights. Think about it, where will they associations get th...
Oh-Oh Ronaldo out for three weeks with a hamstring injury! Looks to be a serious doubt for the tottenham match. Lets see what happens, but cannot say that i am...
Well its good to see him playing, rather on the bench. So i am actually happy. Was not so happy when they let robben and sneijder go.
After seeing the chelsea match...i think david luiz will definitely join the list at the end of the season...all i can say is WOW. I knew we should have gone fo...
Yeah speculation, or you could say the real reason......he is unfit, as stated by mourinho after the match. He said that although ronaldo was unfit, he had to s...
Fernando alonso is a real madrid fan
Well we will see in a couple of weeks time. Best of luck for the rest of your title challenge. Btw, do you think that arsenal have a problem with their menta...
Hope torres finds his form soon, i am sure he will. But hope its sooner than later otherwise the pressure might make fans mad, and if they get mad, then we have...
The season is long and yet to be finished. And depending on who wins what, we will see. but i am gunning for vdv too. except in the madrid tottenham match.
Sounds fair to me because its your point of view. But honestly i doubt any one else would say that arsenal defended well. Of course i do agree that the gameplan...
I follow them very closely, defend the bridge. And you know how it is at madrid - they are always expected to win, no matter what. And the way i see it, the pla...
Yeah and other guys have no idea what english is i guess - the guy said we are going to have 4 el classicos - future tense.
My opinion : Daniel Alves Ashley Cole Evra (i dont understand how people underestimate him...he is amazing to watch, a gazillion times more skilfull than b...
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