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6 years ago
Did nani get knocked the f****d out as well?
Im doubtful newcastle will even stay up this season.
I think his trying to say. that we ( barca and AC) both did it and won their own leagues. and united is next
7 years ago
CONGRATS on AC for winning the seria A
Wow. i didnt know that much about arsenal. But a colourful history you have. Good job with this piece:)
Yeaaaa, and this talk coming from a liverpool fan ^^^^ This guy. better start bringing home trophies before you want start calling people stupid. haha dumb fool...
@Lettyar HAHA im a United fan. But that was a nice reply u gave. But nooo, we'll try our best to show united's true quality
You just get ur ready for the clash next week. im not here to sell anything to you chelski!
@Kayrat did you somehow travel to the future and discovered that Man C won the FA cup? Please do share ur secrets on time-travel.
Wtf is a burgain? and since when was suarez even european? kids nowdays
Wish the best to arsenal. Fully deserved win. Hope to see your team playing this good in the future to come. Bravo arsenal. And utd, keep ur chins up. we can go...
Another disgruntle liverpool fan, we dont care if we win. as long as we try our best. cant help it. anyway best of luck trying to be top 4;)
My thoughts exactly.
Eh Eh lets not pull rooney in this. rooney's a douche. we know already.
Somewhere on FootyTube
@SamWiseDarlo are you lacking something in that head of yours. i guess having won NOTHING in so many years has done some crucial damage to your head
I think you meant watching manutd win the whole thing a classic?
@KruyffTurn like how wenger planned to not win trophies? WHAT A GENIUS!
I smell sore losers. I guess this team cant handle top half of the table talk:p
Best right back in england? he's not english silly:P
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