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Andrewmcross wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
LMFAO LMFA LMFAO Wenger ur an dummy and its 100% ur fault and this is deserved. no arsenal do not deserve to lose and Ozil defiantly did not deserve to get inju...
Hi I've been noticing a few of your recent comments and a glance at your history shows a similar pattern. It's not ok to post such disrespectful comments on the...
4 years ago
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Well this game to me was justice. I dont think ither team played bad in ither gme however i really feel borussia got lucky to win the first game and arsenal wer...
Lmaoooooo as a sports fan from N.America i really enjoyed this vid
Somewhere on FootyTube
Yesssssss Finally! cant get to excited till i see him in a game but it is pretty much done now. Just thinking of Walcott age 24, Giroud and Gervinho age 26, Ox ...
Good win for arsenal ;)
Well i was doubtful but arsenal only have Everton and Manu to worry about now. sure they can lose to other teams but they should not if they play the way they c...
Somewhere on FootyTube
I never liked the away goal difference. either way both teams had to do the work to make the score tied at the end of 2 games. if u score more away goals it mea...
Manu was the better team and I believe out played real in both games (comparing chances not possession bc Im not a believer in holding the ball when not trying ...
If Arsenal sign Mats Hummels Im going to s#!t bc in fifa 11 i bought mertesacker for my team then the nxt summer arsenal bought him. in fifa 12 I bought Hummels...
5 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
The kid desirved it. It was not a hard kick and I dnk if they get payed or wht but im sure the kid was happy to be there (At the age 23 id be more than happy to...
The kid desirved it. It was not a hard kick and I dnk if they get payed or wht but im sure the kid was happy to be there and he started to act like a clown in a...
F**k off with this s**t alredy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it pisses me off to here about homosexuality. I dont agree with homosexaulity but who am I to j...
Well i hate to see 4 goals against us in reg. time but its nice to see the heart determination and drive out of arsenal to come back. It was really nice to see ...
Im not worked up lol Im sorry if it seems that way but I just enjoy talking soccer/futball. you c Im from Canada and there is nobody to talk this lovely sport w...
I did not c he game but unless the player was already sitting on a yellow a unintentional handball should not have led to a red. in order for a hand ball to be ...
Well actually ya. its called a defensive strategy. is its Chelsie's fault that Barca couldn't score and they could. u called controlling the possession and taki...
Well look at this way last year Chelsie finished 6th over all but look at who they had to beat to win the champions cup. THEY BEAT BARCA 2 TIMES IN A ROW!!! tha...
Ya iv watched the clip of the goal about 6 times and id have to say it is off but it was a hard call and offside in soccer is by far the hardest call in any spo...
Iv been a reff for about 10 years and the offside rule is "the attacking player must remain in front of at least 2 defenders(2 defenders between him and the net...
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