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I think he meant Malaga
2 days ago
Mathieu was good in the first half but he was at fault for both goals in the second
Great half from both sides but with the chances we created we really should be up by one. Good signs though. Neymar is stepping up and there seems to be a lot o...
3 days ago
Wake up guys! we have a game in a few minutes
I'm down
2 weeks ago
That's their personal choice and I'm fine with it but I was also fine with Villa celebrating against us when he scored with Atletico. He is with a new team, new...
I don't see much wrong in celebrating a goal against your old club. Goal celebrations are part of the sport and as long as you don't overdo or are disrespectful...
Lots of good movement and passing. If only we had taken our chances, we would be deservedly leading. The defense has also been fairly solid thanks to the good p...
3 weeks ago
The extent of the injury hasn't been evaluated yet. Could be just a week or two
Tata rested Messi for half the game, letting him come on in the second half and Leo scored two goals. The second goal had an insane first touch
1 month ago
Samper was against moving on a loan, he said he was going to stay and fight for his spot.
^^ are you sure you're not the one who's bitter? You pick out Jeroen's comment out of this whole discussion, why?
^^ Mathieu scored his first vs Elche in the copa with a great free kick :p
^^ lol this guy is great at seeing the negative in anything barca related
They played 120 minutes on Tuesday. They are still in preseason. What do you expect him to do?
Very glad we bought Arda
I think he is more interested in the whole season ahead and not a two game cup.
Would you guys consider Pedro a Barca legend or a Barca great?
Your plastic is showing
2 months ago
Lol relax guys, he never gets to play anyway
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