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I haven't seen him defend so much in years! He wanted this one badly and it showed, with not only how good he played.
3 weeks ago
Sevilla been playing exceptionally well for the first 35 minutes. Deserved their lead, had multiple dangerous plays and played some really smooth passing from t...
YESSS Jeroen's finally gone :p
1 month ago
Should have been a penalty for them
^^ Maybe because the players just got back from Germany on Wednesday. The players need to take most of the blame today.
2 months ago
Andresandmessi gave the Real Madrid v SD Eibar video a rating of 5
In Ronaldo's first 100 games, he was directly involved in an astonishing 124 goals (95 goals and 29 assists) ...
^^ Why would barca try to offload their franchise player and one of the most marketable players in the world after one bad season?
Messi announces return to international football
3 months ago
With him, Rakitic and Busquets we would have a full midfiled that is 6ft+. Who would have thought that would be possible a few years ago lol
4 months ago
Imagine if Ronaldo had made it to three consecutive finals
5 months ago
I remember Demichelis transferred from Malaga to Atletico and then was sold to City in the same summer
^ or ahead of Koke
Lol leo nutmegged the keeper Edit; Found a video of it
First Uruguay and now Brazil..both out in the group stages
Higuain is much better then Cavani
Suarez is going to have a nice long summer
Suarez has 59 goals, not 62.
6 months ago
^ great counter argument.
7 months ago
Died, like the site has
I think it's funnier that some teams feel the need to let the grass grow in certain games
Andresandmessi gave the FC Barcelona - Luis Enrique System ● THE MOVIE ● 2016 video a rating of 5
9 months ago
Andresandmessi nominated Neymar (89') for Goal of the Week
Andresandmessi nominated L. Messi (63') for Goal of the Week
Andresandmessi nominated A. Sánchez (78') for Goal of the Week
Andresandmessi nominated L. Messi (21') for Goal of the Week
Andresandmessi nominated Diego Costa (11') for Goal of the Week
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