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Nice read. Iwith all the new signings its all gonna depend of what luis wants to do. IMHO i think the team will have a slow start to the season adjusting to a n...
4 days ago
Deco is oneof my all time favorite players to wear a barca shirt i have a lot of respect for him...messi seems to do well when he is having fun
5 days ago
So... Any news on a defender yet?
2 weeks ago
We can debate with foolish stats or stupid logic or even quote Maradona himself who said messi didnt deserve it...but whats done is done messi has the award ger...
And what about james? I am Colombian and am extremely biased but he in less games had more of an impact than Messi ...still nothign to be done now FIFA again sh...
=_=.. James and muller had more goals and assists dribbles count nothing or chances created when you cant capitalize... Its hard to admit i am a barca fan till ...
Exactly franky messi was only interested in one trophy... He didnt even celebrate it
I have to be the first to say.. Messi didnt deserve the golden ball award...
Honestly sabella doesnt wanna win this game his changes have been insane!!
Again congrats on the great signing
Poor cuenca :( theres a big gap un our clubs youth development program where the players brought up with potential are never really given the chance to show in ...
3 weeks ago
Los argentinos deben de ser mas humildes ahora creen que son los favoritos...alemania es un gran equipo y si quieren ganar tendranque jugarla con toda
Congrats on alexis a great signing!
Haveto agree with realfan i didnt see more than 3 good chances which costa rica could take the lead the rest was all holland with them hitting the post a few ti...
Argentina seems to me like professionals palying alongside amateurs when it comes to offense and defense...even zabaleta is doing average i wonder what the ppro...
1 month ago
Thing is i agree but look at masche when we bought him he was a great DM and look at how we use him and he was one of our best defenders this season.look at puy...
Guys.. Im drunk and very very biased but cuadrado would be an excellent attacking option for barca
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