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Lol what about everton's Drinkwater, every time you say his name its a friendly reminder to hydrate yourself
1 hour ago
Found this pretty hilarious.
3 hours ago
Che, no offence man but he has been with us for almost 5 years now. if you follow barca b like me then you would know him from before that even. He's been thro...
17 hours ago
St1or, so you think he should stay in case one of our starters gets injured then?? he shouldnt be a bench warmer, IMO he should start, but since we have a crow...
19 hours ago
What do you think about sending Bartra out on loan for a year or even 6 months. A player in his situation is best given the opportunity to have more experience ...
20 hours ago
F4f, it just is how football is played now days...unfortunately but even coaches tell their player that in the box. i know for a fact that coaches encourage the...
1 day ago
St1or, He actually couldve gone down on another penalty from the same player! they had arms locked and Bailly was struggling to keep pace with ronaldo. respect...
2 days ago
Also this ties in with a great topic/discussion we had here a couple of weeks ago: When other teams play barca/madrid they have to adjust their tactics and eve...
My point is when is it enough? when is it a valid claim that ronaldo should get the pichichi award when like I said 1/3 of his goals have been from the spot? ...
Honestly tho how do you want us to respect you with your best player in the world claim when 1/3 of your goals come from penalties.(IMHO the easiest goals to sc...
Why isnt walker off? He got a pretty bad knock first half And he has been responsible for both goals
He was..... but its very very close so you could understand why the ref missed it
3 days ago
Can you really blame him tho...he was one of fergie's biggest mistakes IMO he is growing to be a world class player and SAF failed to see the talent. You guys...
I dont wanna start any fights but really EPL is the best league in the world? i myself only watch the epl from time to time but la liga is IMO a much better lea...
5 days ago
People have high expectations (understandably) because of how much they paid for him. Its a chelsea/torres all over again. He is not showing the world class pla...
Arsenal's worst enemy is arsenal..
Your picture is justified sir... But to be honest I am still not sure Lucho is the right man for the job at barca
2 weeks ago
Http:// Lucho: "Where are all those haters now?" *walks off*
If we keep playing like this we have a good chance to challenge for the champions league. COME ON BARCA I wanna be the best in the world again! Also. #luchoin
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