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If one were to give Nani the benefit of the doubt(did not see Arbeola), it deserved a yellow(65%). The additional measure(35%) was because he decided to con the...
Barcelona is in Catalunya! Get ur facts right.
+1 from another cule
U 2 will see a lot more of tht :P
Barcelona just need to get their defense better. That would have at least allowed us to draw with u guys, or any defensive team who played like that. I am still...
Thank u :P
Hey Man u Fan,this is why Barca is rightly hyped - and and...
I was wrong about only 1 thing - 'Italy giving a tough battle to Spain" :P
Lol - my comment from a week ago - "Spain will take it. Ramos, Casillas & Alonso know Ronaldo too well. Germans won't know how to counter tika-taka. Italians wi...
So, now do y'all believe me ;)
Oh ok, didnt knw tht abt pirlo...
Can't say Pirlo better than Xavi yet. I obviously haven't seen much of Pirlo as much as Xavi but Xavi does not have someone running through defenders(like Botel...
Really good contest. 6 players from Seria A winning side. 6 Players from Barcelona + 3 from La Liga winning side (9 from CL semi finalists).
This Spanish side are gonna give it their everything. Madrid & Barca got knocked out when they were expect to play the CL finals. These players (which make up m...
I doubt they're gonna concede any goals thanks to goal keeper & defense(barcelona + madrid) and midfield(bareclona + madrid). Put a ronaldo & messi in front of ...
Lol, they missing a villa and an in-form torres, it would have been a different ball game all together otherwise. They're a team now with a solid defense and mi...
Spain will take it. Ramos, Casillas & Alonso know Ronaldo too well. Germans won't know how to counter tika-taka. Italians will give a really tough battle to Spa...
6 years ago
Barcelona & Madrid need to humble down. I see a lot of arrogance & over-confidence frm both sides. Barcelona dominated Chelsea with attacking, Chelsea dominated...
Bad defense & an unusual bout of listlessness cost us this game & d 1 against Chelsea. Motivation + strengthening up of the defense required. Puyol wanted to pl...
He's upset about this year too, he didn't even get to reach our level :P
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