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Referees like that cross-eyed idiot don't belong in the top flight.
1 day ago
Join in the chat, black. link below
Tinychat then.
LOL Yep, that was expected. Spurs have got to own this one. We had one of the best goal scorers in La Liga and didn't even bother to adjust the team to his bene...
2 days ago
@Kalopsia Eh. Agree to disagree then. I don't know what else to say when you're so reluctant to give the kid credit, waving his assists off by citing Eriksen's...
5 days ago
Kalopsia, again you're ignoring my points. Poch played Paulinho, Mason, and Bentaleb and even moved Eriksen out wide in some games. THAT is what I'm complaining...
Straw man after straw man. I never said he wasn't. Being a good passer and having the creativity are two different things though. Does he have both? Perhaps. Bu...
Hah! Kane? Sorry man, but you're grasping at straws. Weren't you one of the people justifying getting rid of Holtby because Lamela can do the job behind the str...
Mason is not over-hyped? Townsend was not over-hyped? Kane is not being over-hyped? We have different definitions of that then. And yes, I think Berahino doesn'...
This sucks buffalo balls.
Is football so bereft of talents that we need to go through all this trouble in trying to sign Berahino? What was the point of bringing in Paul Mitchell and his...
I'd like to agree, as we're all dissatisfied with the current squad. But despite the ridiculous amounts in transfer fees we've gotten accustomed to these days, ...
1 week ago
Weekend ruined.
2 weeks ago
Oh Spurs...
DIER! This is becoming a habit. :D
Great pro, and will be missed. *man tears* All he ever wanted was a through-ball once in a while.
Saw this on reddit a few days back. Spurs videos galore, including a couple season reviews (2009-10, 2010-11), FA Cup Finals full match videos, and a couple doc...
So Ade's gone for sure? I wanted Eriksen to get #10. EDIT: I don't see Lennon on there, either.
3 weeks ago
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