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One of "our" own? Speak for yourself. Lamela's not proven himself? The same applies to Tim. And what ridiculous universe do you live in that you'd disregard re...
On Lamela: "That's still an unknown quantity as far as I'm concerned. I've assessed the rest of the squad and I've got my ideas on who's capable and probably wh...
16 hours ago
A lot of peeps are praising Dimmy for his honesty. Yes, honesty is good. But when you exclude yourself from the criticism, you're only a loud-mouthed snitch. H...
@Andy, Tracy Dixon is Lewis' daughter?
1 week ago
While you're at it, why not blame Joe Lewis?
Well that was fast. not even 30 seconds in.
The petty chump's too busy looking out for himself rather than actually doing the job that he says he wants to be his for 10 years. But this is good. Let him ...
2 weeks ago
Well, it definitely reflects my thoughts. Forget about tactical nous, man management skills, or even experience. The man lacks something much more rudimentary:...
I don't know if you're naive, or simply clueless. You call us blind or in denial. You insist on oversimplifying the issues. Arsene, and not too long ago Fergie,...
@Topspur No one's being blind. We all acknowledge the problems as they become evident. Levy's far from perfect, but who do you replace him with? Considering th...
He'll be declaring liverpool the 2nd best team in the world, next to city. did anyone see how he just sat there like he didn't give a f**k? what a joke.
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3 weeks ago
"Nobody else will come in here unless I sanction it. You can't work any other way. "The manager has got to work with the players so, unless he gets the player...
1 month ago
Yeah, have to agree with you Mag. But Timmy does make AVB look like the second coming. LOL
Yes, please. Honeymoon period's over. Any manager could do what Sherwood did: reintroduce Ade to the squad. He's lucky Ade's playing for a contract.
Lol what's up with the comment sequence getting all mixed up?
We finally get Kaboul and Verts both fit, but the latter looks like he wants nothin to do with the team. It's a never-ending cycle: we get new players to fill t...
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