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Yo, join in the chat guys.
4 days ago
Hehe Siggs played mostly as LAM/LM, though, so it's a bit more forgiveable as he's not expected to hold up play. Theatrical or not, Harry's gonna have to work o...
1 week ago
Kane's looking really promising. I'd like to see him start against Sunderland. The only thing that annoys me with his game, so far, is he falls to the ground wa...
Stepping-stone club would be more accurate. Unless we splash the cash like Chelski and Citeh when they founded their clubs, this is the only way to break into t...
2 weeks ago
^ Recurring injuries, which is why he was out for most of last season. Apparently, he also has problems adjusting to a new country/club. His first season with R...
Ugh. Seeing Paulinho's name on that list after losing Siggy, Holtby, and Sandro is just wrong.
Dier at RB is like Verts at LB. They may both have the brains for it, but neither have the speed and agility required. Liverpool took advantage of that and othe...
Mag, bro, ya just had to show up AFTER I'd decided to try to be pragmatic about the results of the annual summer squad jenga games, didn't ya? LOL Most people ...
I'm also quite happy with the transfer window activity. It would've been nice to have a 20-goal/season striker, but strikers are often very expensive risks. Wh...
Weren't there rumours a while back saying that the stadium budget is already taken care of? Either way, it's sad to see 3 of our most passionate players, albei...
LOL This guy. Can't even keep his own opinion consistent. Why have an opinion at all? Again with Bale? Man this guy is thick. We never defended his diving. Ye...
Should have won 6-0? LOL You know that for a fact? What an idiot.
@Ashup78 Bale winning penalties from diving? You're talking out of your ass. His last season with Spurs he was booked so many times even when some were clear f...
LOL Raj, ya serious bruh? It was pretty much a brush on the arm. If that's a penalty, then CBs like Skrtel and Terry should be conceding penalties every game th...
Yeah, it was a rookie mistake from Dier. He'll learn from that. But the ref could've done a couple of things: Book Allen for simulation, which he should've done...
Because Dier is a Qi master. He obviously knew just where to apply pressure to disrupt energy flow, thus cutting off the Qi going to Allen's legs.
Pool fans here are the most hypocritical and deluded when it comes to diving. They can't even admit that they were lucky to get the call.
Well ... at least we're back to the old Spurs. Win big, then lose big. =D I'm not really too pissed about the loss. I even expected it. It's pretty obvious tha...
@Ashup (Mr. Regional-level Winger) =O Was not a dive? He THREW himself to the ground. If that isn't a dive, then what is? Just because there's contact, doesn't...
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