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Ooh, tough one. Jeroen makes a good point. But if I really had to pick one, I'd say Toby. Not only is he a tremendous upgrade on Fazio, but he also revitalize...
8 hours ago
13 hours ago
Poch on a roll with subs!
Wow. Leicester completely destroying Citeh.
16 hours ago
Amputsz updated their profile
Getting crosses in works the opposition keeper/defenders, thereby creating chances. Of course the majority of those are going to be cleared, especially when tea...
@Wingson Myth? Nonsense. He always puts the ball into dangerous areas.
1 day ago
MOTM: Agent Bassong
4 days ago
Yeah, really disappointed about Veljkovic going. He could've also deputized for Dier at CDM.
5 days ago
Heh. Just had to be Palace.
6 days ago
"...dreamed of playing for Barcelona.” At least he's not going to friggin' Madrid if/when he outgrows us. =p @Spursaussie Yeah, a bit too much diggin' into ...
1 week ago
Phew, I thought that was gonna end up like Stoke! Well deserved 3 points, but we almost self-destructed classic Spurs-style after their deflected goal; probably...
3 months ago
Leicester. How about that? Wow. Almost a third of the season already played and still they're pushing. And with a shitty defense, too. Crazy PL.
Not being injured also helps. ;) Haters and naysayers conveniently look over the fact that he was injured for the majority of his first season. Being branded t...
^ Ditto. The dude has played in, what, 3-4 games all season? Zero (?) apps in the PL. Talk about knee-jerk reactions. Give the guy some time FFS. Walker has b...
That's why I said he's lucky we don't have much choice. =|
Ref was s**t. Gave yellows for the wrong fouls. Not the worst, which says a lot about the quality of officiating in the PL. Milner did deserve at least one yell...
We didn't really have that many clear chances. But two points lost, for sure.
True, apart from the misplaced passes. With both Son and Chadli out, though, we're a bit light out wide. I guess there's always Townsend...
Nervy start but good recovery. Definitely the better team in the last 20 or so minutes. Our finishing is still s**t, though. f****n injuries piling up.
@Aussie Seriously. Their deluded smugness is unbearable. Remember when they were shitting on just about every other team during their miracle season? Expect mor...
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