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Deserved and much-needed. I'm not too optimistic we can get a draw next game at the Etihad. Had we drawn or lost, it would've been another few weeks of agony.
3 weeks ago
Cool, Zilch. It's not that I didn't know all this already. Most of it is just common sense, after all. But your reply certainly helps clarify some things. I rea...
4 weeks ago
Rodgers just isn't as good as people make him out to be. Losing Suarez was a bit worse than losing Bale, IMO. When Bitey wasn't scoring, he was creating and ass...
Hi, thanks for the reply. Look I realise that it goes both ways, I gave a warning to a Chelsea fan in that little ruckus as well. You're right it was the sweari...
1 month ago
Man, this site's gotten all stuck up. I guess we should start saying stuff like, "Oh Chelsea, what a wonderful club! Their fans are soooo sensible and soooo acc...
I know you're just doing your job, Zilch. And I know it's not possible to monitor each and every comment. But we've been given so much stick, especially last se...
Yeah, where's Derpy? And what happened to the comments? So incoherent now. I know the mods do it to defuse the "situation", but we've been made fun of, mocked a...
"Arrogant bunch of c***s, aren't they? LOL They also like to fling sh!t at each other. Plastics." Comments like that are not acceptable. Please refrain from ...
^^LOL This guy. Holy shiz, SS! Why the fakk did you choose Ade and Kaboul? You f****d us up, man!
Wouldn't be a bad choice at all. He's got a pretty good header, as well. It's worth a try, at least.
Didn't he just sign a new 5-year contract a couple months ago?
Levy can still sell him for a lot more than he was bought for if he pushes for a move this summer. TBH, I've lost a lot of interest in Verts. Signing an extensi...
Gahd, if I see Vlad in the line-up I'm gonna go back to sleep.
Home! Don't know if that's a good or bad thing. LOL
We got Brighton in the 4th round.
@Bwfyid, bastards left me hangin by myself in the chat last game.
Chiriches simply doesn't fit in the EPL. Paulinho's just crap. I don't really know what he is, either; he's not defensively disciplined enough to be CDM, doesn'...
I understand that, but like I said, moaning ain't helping.
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