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Chelsea, man u, man city... wats left asrsenal n mayb tottenham? liverpool hav definately proven that they hav the potential to b 1st in the league
7 years ago
N once again ronaldo dosnt score so messi dosnt either
Pfffft... wer down to 10 men duh plus as if a chelsea fan can talk
Chelsea is finaly getting back into shape although they still havnt reached their best form... the first couple of min wer very scrappy and you could pick out a...
They lost 1-0 in the first round dumbfuk and unless u havnt noticed "retard" evryone is reffering to this year
Hahahaha ye no worries lol atleast we lose against teams in our own division, ipswich town? common man shouldnt even b trying to bag me out... dont even get me...
??? he played crapp cept for the amazing goal he hoggd it on 3 goal opportunities and missd evry one though i agree that hes an amazin player
Milans crapp its gonna suk wen tottenham wins n u end up looking like an idiot
SARGENTOBLANCO piss off if ur even considering backing up milan ur no true madrid supporter... and as if we real fans ( not including u) have any grounds to ta...
How much did u pay for ibrahimovich? eto and 45 mil pounds
Hahahahahaha is a newcastle fan trying to tell me off??? know ur place and talk to me wen u actually make the cl ok??
That is the the most stupid comment iv heard so far.. ur a f****ing crowd follower, most epl fans say la liga is boring cause madrid and barca always win and w...
No sh it hes a defender
Italian teams have to shape up if they want a shot at the Champions league this year
Ummm miracles do happen everyday... ????
As long as we have the most champions league cups in the world and the title of the best team in the 20th century you have nothing on us... wev won la liga 11 t...
Real madrid has won 9 champions league cups
April is gonna b fun as long as real and barca keep up the standards we should be versing each othr 4 times =D
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