Alza3eem thinks there is alot of INTER haters
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MrOlav (Olav) from Cracow, Poland
I'm half Kenyan, half Polish born in Norway... aha I'm from Luo like Obamas Dad :D
Nashrulshafiq (Nashrul Shafiq Che Safie) from New York
NerazurriGunner (Sami Allaheq) from Vancouver, Canada
I have played soccer for as long as I can remember. I have followed Metrostars/NYRB and U.S. national team since the beginning and discovered the amazingness of Inter and Italian ...
Orpheus (Kratos) from Houston, US
Predator (Peter Sikdar) from Moscow, Russia
and Ukraine
Sasaa (Mostafa Atef)
Shams90 (Abdulla Shams) from Sanad, Bahrain
TheHman (Hesham Hashem) from Cairo, Egypt
Well Well... i'm Basically a Normal human being who beleives he's got his own Unique Identity like ANYONE else in the World & who's got his own view & interpretaion of Life..Obstac ...
Tifoosi (Aria Ghoreyshi) from Dubai
Coach Analiser
Valzer (Viraj Dalvi)
Xiong (Jack Xiong) from B-town
ZAHIDI (ZAHIDI AZIZAN) from Kangar, Malaysia
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