Alza3eem thinks there is alot of INTER haters
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We have head to head games with udinese and lazio ... the only way we can get 3rd is if we beat them in my opinion ... next 2 games will shape everything .. udi...
6 years ago
The reason he gave it back is becoz ball boys r not allowed to hassle and annoy the players ... those r the rules... and the boy was obeying the rule .. its not...
Smauel was bad ... inter didnt have the best of games in my opinion ... zarate need to pass more .. and pazzini should be given more of a chance up front ..
Its true .. since italian teams hasent doing good in europe in the last 5 years ... italy lost a place and it was given to germany... thats why italian teams ne...
I think zarate didnt show his class is becoz the game was dieing down .. inter were more focused on keeping the score and taking it easy ... so i dont think thi...
No chance of one striker .. we r not milan ... 2 strikers with sneijder behind them ... alvarez need to be used more like a utility player .. as as a lmf or rmf...
Chivu is not a traditonal leftback ... he is a natural center back .. he is playing out of position .. i think he is better in the center than on the left
Obi , poli and maicon immpressed the most .... sneijder was rusty and so was castigunous ... our vice captain made his return today and was solid with ranochia ...
Agreed even though i think we will regret losing points to juve, napoli and udinese at home... they r all hard to beat on their own field... never say never tho...
He was over played last 2 years and now all that playing time is showing up ... he is not young also .. this might not be as good of a deal i thought earlier .....
Congrats bro ... a pure blooded nerrazzuro .. they r hard to come by those days
If u both think hes retarded then there is a village somewhere who is missing there idiot and his boyfriend ... the logo is clear and the comment is also clear....
There refusal of the bid is new news for moratti .. so i guess it isnt all true just yet ... my opinion on the tevez transfer is one of those things wither will...
Nagatomo as a left winger is way better than a left back since he can attack and couldnt defend .. put a solid leftback behind him and it will be secured ... it...
Well said... champions league is our priority ... lets take it one step at a time like whar ranieri said
I agree with julione .. if we opened the game with milan we would have lost becoz our deffence will be exposed and we saw that against napoli , juve, udinese .....
Yeah right like ppl will say ...what was the ball possesion of the game? ... or will they say what was the score?
Zanetti for sure .. 9/10 from me ... man he ran like a kid today ... very proud of our capitano
I wonder that too bro .. goal wide open .. we should blame inexperience for that... next time hopefully he wont miss
I think defensively he was shaky sometimes... but overall was good performance ... would loved his screamer to go in ..good job overall
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