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Congrats. Chelsea you deserve to be Champions. Chelsea had a great spirit and hunger no other team had. for the game, I think Bayren were unlucky but also I t...
Congrats to Bayren. they deserved to play in the final. they had no fear. After Ronaldo second goal, Bayren made me feel like they were playing in their ground....
6 years ago
I congratulate Chelsea on the win. They were warriors. the way they play is the right way to beat Barca. I feel bad for their players who won't be able to play ...
Thank's for the compliment dude, two cool votes for you mate :)
You are one great critic KidRobe. you seriously need to be a coach
I think Barca played a great game last night. Milan only had one shot on target which was the goal. Milan disappointed me honestly. The two penalties were clear...
The truth is Real Madrid will win the League this year unless a miracle takes place. Madrid will win not because Barca is losing points which is true, but alos ...
I think the Ref saved Real Madrid A.S.S. Diarra was supposed to be sent from the first half no argument about that.. Sanchez had two penalties and Pepe was supp...
Just type "Jose Mourinho is a disrespectful hypocrite" on google and u will see the first article. it is from it is written by one of the huge support...
To all Madridists, please read this
I agree with you that Barca players run for the ref all the time but all teams do the same and even more. Messi is great for sure. but let's talk about the majo...
7 years ago
First of all, I am a Barca fan so my comments will be for sure biased but I will try as much not to. I think Real Madrid has always and will always be a great ...
Do not let your emotion ruin your common sense. you look at the incident again, it looks like Rooney incident of 2 weeks ago. he clearly intended to hit him in...
Inter Milan played better than barca in the first leg and they defended well. barcelona could not make many clear chances. Inter did not make chances but they a...
Arsenal fans are being emotional and not objective. If we are going to talk about the ref, then, let talk about the whole 180 min. Messi scored a beautiful on ...
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