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Demichelis is actually a scrub, he's cost city so many games...never change :)
God as much as i love mertesacker sometimes his lack of speed really bothers me..also should've stuck on lukaku a little better there but great win overall
I can't help but think if ozil converted that initial penalty the game would've gone differently...then again bayern are the best team in the world right now by...
Arsenal is a different team this year, not just the addition of mesut but their mentality as well. I agree it will be an amazing two legs, bayern is unbelievab...
Tello made that right back just look silly
What was that "offside" goal juve scored, totally weird call
Obviously some bias here but god arsenal is fun to watch, they just create gorgeous opportunities on goal...and mesut on his right foot, who knew it existed?
Somewhere on FootyTube
I love the twist at the end saying in fact for neutral fans root for Norwich, funny ending...great article though
Look at the players germany fielded, not their usual full squad without ozil and schweinsteiger
Brazilians just love to hit the deck so easily, it really is just frustrating to watch after a while. Chelsea is definitely lucky to escape with a point and Mou...
I don't understand these votes, spurs looked way more threatening on more occasions throughout the game. If anyone's lucky its Chelsea, their defense definitel...
How'd he get a red?
Man City set piece problems...shocker
Frankly I'm a little tired of watching players dive to attract fouls, especially the Spaniards. I know players all around the world do it, between Robben, Rona...
5 years ago
Bayern's strikers are scary...such choices between gomez pizarro and mandzukic
Just thinking about neymar in this squad scares me so much...every player is already so talented and he would bring that extra finishing ability to their front,...
Giroud Podolski - Cazorla - Walcott Wilshere - Arteta Monreal - Vermaelen - Mertesacker - Jenkinson Szczesny
One of the softest red cards i've seen in recent memory, PSG is the better squad and they better not forget that and slip up in the second leg without ibra
Took mou long enough to play benz and higuain together...
England is definitely looking good for the next world cup if they can maintain this form, Brazil was creating some opportunities but their shooting was just awf...
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