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4 years ago
This is to me that the referee isn't made for big games like this.
The third goal was a complete beauty!
I think Moyes is realizing and improving our problems in a quick matter of time and that must be a good sign for us. Hopefully this summer we can sign a really ...
What a save from Courtois! Could've been a different story if that goes in.
You commenting on a united video with no other things to do is pathetic... LOL
Barcelona played rubbish? Wow you guys are just jealous.
Why are we performing well at the European stage but flops in BPL?
I wish Moyes can keep playing Kagawa in his CAM position. He was so deadly tonight!
Young, please gtfo no one wants you.
One miss, so what? If that was Torres, you'd be saying the opposite thing.
Moyes why play Young and loan Zaha? What is this?
Another United product let go :(
See Moyes, what happens when you play Hernandez? He's a real game changer!
Khunaro, yes if the goal wasn't in then Sunderland would've asked the ref why the foul was not given. But nevertheless, if it's in, play advantage but if it's n...
Honda and Kagawa are both quality players! Why aren't big teams aiming for Honda? He's absolutely class.
Mate, I think there are only 2 professional footballers on that team. And check out their rank in FIFA Rankings.
I suggest for Wigan to keep Martinez, he's brilliant!
5 years ago
Why did you pick Torres as your key player instead of "Chelsea without Mata"? That's proof that United will still...
Where is that kidulthood kid? Hey kid! I wanna see you commenting on this now and claiming that Barca was going to 'rape' Bayern.
I think Inter needs another manager like Mourinho or Mancini. Because this is not the Inter that I know who used to beat AC Milan like 4-0.
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