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Crumpeteer (Heather)
Master's student who loves football and travelling and Chinese food. Is also a high school history teacher.
Damu42km (Damu C) from Alappuzha, India
and India
Donnchadh (Duncan Hamilton) from Flagstaff, United States
Love footy and beer. And a big fat joint in the morning haha And my name is Duncan, I've got three brothers who I love dearly more than anyone or anything, cept for maybe this c ...
Elizel (Liz Villegas) Philippines
FCBMessi10 (Michael T.) USA
I am a die hard fan of Chelsea Fc i love them with all my heart and soul, since i was 8 and my love for them has never stopped and never will.
Flikda3flip (Daniel Pagan)
Francesco2286 (Francesco Rengifo)
Franktt6 (Adam Kinzinger) from Peoria, USA
Just a dude who likes to have a good time and is up for whatever
Gerigeorge (Manchester United) from Cebu, Philippines (+63)
I love football.and thats the reason why im here in the first place,ryt,,.well you can check out my tumblr if you wanna know me'll know who i really am.. http://reddevilu ...
Gunners11vP (David Fain)
Hemu22 (Hemnath Rao) from Chennai, India
Iam addicted to football
Incuteration (Keston Huang) Singapore
Jeroen (Jeroen) from Leuven, Belgium
If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you But make allowance for their doubting too, ...
Jointheazkals (John Anthony) from Macao, China
Kassesc (Cesc Fàbregas) from Nairobi, Kenya
Katrina (Katrina James)
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