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4 years ago
What a goal from Ribéry... Regarding his performance the last season with the Bayern Munich, in Champions League and years before he really deserves to win the...
5 years ago
Good finals, congratulations both Bayern München & Borussia Dortmund!
I remember when A PART of Chelsea's supporters were anti-Benitez... I think they shut their mouth up now...
Wowowow don't blame me, I feel sorry, i thought that i knew the rule of off side, but actually not. it was not a off side then. The more i know now.
No, he would be off side if that was a pass for him but that was a goal shot
Glad to see Gameiro scores.
OMG! Everyone must admit that FC Barcelona is completely A M A Z I N G !!!
Wow Man Utd is simply amazing !
Pure class Barcelona
VALBUEEEENNNNAAAAA !!! That's my boy!!! GOOOOMMMIIIIIIISSSSSS !!! You're a fighter!!! Keep going guys!!! Allez les bleus !!!
Zlatan's 4th goal is so class!
Another link to understand the match:
In this case I can ask you: did you watch how times Lloris saved Olympics Lyon or France in 4 years ? I am sure not... but I often watch premier league games an...
First five goalkeepers sorry
HART number 1 ! LOL!!! Are you serious guys ? It can be in the first five players in the world but honestly he's far far to be the best goalkeeper in the world....
Maybe because the occasions in the second half has been progressively created by France, there was a real goal scored by Menez and judged off side by the refere...
1. Cech 2. Buffon 3. Casillas 4. Lloris 5. Neuer :)
Crazy ending!
Wooow Iniesta oO !
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