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Saying city have financial backing and thus they don't deserve to win or their trophies is just plain bullshit! i'm sure if arsenal had financial backing, arsen...
6 years ago
Etihad lit meaning is "unity" but i dnt think, it named aftr united :P its named aftr th "etihad airlines" thyr headquarters lie on th UAE. n is owned by the ro...
They weren't gr8, awesome, average, nor luck. lol but yea i agree, rubbish is a bit harsh, i think below average is the right thing to say.
A.Caroll shouldn't have played. ever since his move from newcastle he's had only one decent game, which was last year, in the fixture against man city were he s...
LOL i loved how bojan got sent off, n his reaction, he threw his shirt then went bk to pick it up! LOL
Roma players should really step up! bojan is insanely over-rated, i have no idea why they got him, plus his deal was one of the most one sided deals in history!...
I love n support barca but lets just not get ahead of ourselves. it's thyr decision, and it has taken them to the top of the EPL with a healthy 5 point leed :P ...
They continue to impress
Red was a bit harsh, non the less great game, n good preformance
Hahahahah agree with georgio!! LMAO
Usman ronaldo is greedy socceric has a point. hes got insane skills, but his character has to change. n thts why hes below messi's level or even in comparison t...
David villa is a great player, but his form recently has been poor. besides the perfect free kick, it was all disappointing. and Sergio Busquets. the last two g...
Mourinhos wont be able to do so because hes obsessed with it, hes focusing too musch on bringing barca down than he is on taking madrid to the top.. how is the ...
They both playd good, although i preffer the attacking flow more, n so prefferd man city's game, but u gotta admit, napoli playd a great game, thyr finishing wa...
Elmacca!! liverpool idol!! is that really you? WOW
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