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He actually has 26 assists ...
6 years ago
@ronaldo723 u cant be a good team with forwards only ... messi aguero di maria higuain tevez ... but what happens behind them o_O????........ NOTHING! ....
All hail the supreme Messi am really happy for him and his achievement!!!!! ........on another note I think the club needs to stop running down neymar when they...
I agree with you ... but you have to remember the eras that these guys play in .... they had people to contend with such as messi cr7 ronaldinho deco xavi .... ...
You know more people voted Barcelona rubbish than Bayer .... its a phenomenon i really cant understand ... v_v
Why do people keep bashing Keita o_O??.... Keita had the most minutes last season in a barca shirt and as long as he is fit he plays practically every game thou...
The weekend is long gone and i saw it live and am still wondering with that marking how the hell did Arshavin cross that ball let alone find Henry!!!!!! o_O?......
Could have said it better myself!
The evans own goal is Evra's fault !.... look how easily Daniel beats him .... -.-
How can you tell someone to buy a dictionary and u cant spell 'difficult' ?????...... lol
It is goal of the week the for the reason of him being voted man of the match when before he even came on against leads ..... lol ^_^ #LEGEND!
Does anyone know how i can trade pinto+valdez and get Hennessey o_O? .....??????? v_v
Am glad am seeing pieces of the old robinho hope he continues in good form ..............." and dat young man knows as El Shaawary!!! ..... really have big hope...
^And with that i see why your squad has so many injuries ...v_v lol
Liverpool deserved to win it was harsh .....! no way richards could have prevented that the ball hit is foot first .... (the rule says a handball is given if th...
Except when he meets Bale .... lol ^_^
I understand your frustration but never wish bad on a player well to me its poor sportsmanship. I mean against a player on the team you support o_O? .... They n...
Diego2010 Pedro was actually the first player to score in 6 competitions in a calendar year. Messi improved the record actually ... Messi is now the first playe...
Agreed my friend! ^_^
Torres+Carrol=85million (4 EPL goals) Yakubu+Ba=1.5 million (27 EPL goals) ... go figure .... lolz^_^
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