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Cools your way.
6 years ago
Run Gareth run!! What a solo goal!!
Reventon, stop coming out with lame excuses. It's all very well dominating possession, but you didn't take your chances. England defended fantastically well and...
We really need to get some strikers in desperately but clearly Levy has told Harry that Keane has to be sold first. Flog him to Sunderland, as Niall Quinn loves...
Yet Gomes saved it. So surely Drogba was saying, oh my god, you mug!
7 years ago
Luka was unbelievable! Fantastic play
Yes i seen the game. Niko is on fire, and Yes I stream live games. and I can also see games from VIASATNET of Premier League, Serie A and BBVA Liga Espanola. So...
Gio...what a goal! Now start playing like that for Spurs!!
I wish I'd watched the Croatia Israel game! Did u watch all of it? I watched the entire England Montenegro game, it was so boring! Also, do you manage to stream...
LOL!!! So true mate! It's the ultimate guide to a Spurs goal!
ManCityOwn, you're a fool who knows nothing about footbal. City are not a top 4 team and everyone knows that. Man City have crap reserves. I mean Wright-Phillip...
Great goal by Campbell!! I like the way he took the ball inside onto his left foot and spanked it. Great finish.
Great performance. I just hope Defoe will be ok.
Is it just me thinking this, or was the atmosphere at the game not very good? This is meant to be a Euro 2012 qualifier and the fans were very quiet. Portugal's...
It wasn't a penalty. We should've killed them off. We will at Elland Road. COYS!
8 years ago
I can't wait till the 10th Jan at Anfield, when Spurs end any lingering hopes Rafa had of getting Liverpool into the top 4. That 4th spot is ours. COYS!
I love Ronaldo's second goal. That was pure class
You clearly need spectacles mate. I watched the entire match, and Spurs had way more than 2-3 scoring chances. Stoke's goal lived a very charmed life, and they ...
I don't think credit can be given to Stoke at all. They offered nothing in the game, and were poor. They were the luckiest team I've ever watched. How they won ...
I was actually at the game. And Spurs completely controlled it. Yeah Burnley had one or two chances, but we dominated. Defoe wasn't rubbish at all today, he jus...
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