Alex11rooney (Alexander Taylor) Oh dear me Mourinho. Tsk Tsk Tsk.
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How did Wigan get so good all of a sudden?
6 years ago
Maybe we stay at the top because we dont have a board of directors that sack managers every other season, unlike some teams *cough* *cough* not calling any nam...
How much does pep pay for busquet's diving classes?
Eh, dunno what to comment on this match. Diving, complaining, chopping people down, 10 yellow cards. The usual with these two teams. its so common and disgrac...
Well Ronaldo looks happy.
Well he certainly has his head in the game.
The Hottest movie in Europe 2012! Staring John Travolta as 'Busquets' Vin Diesel as 'Pepe' Critics say "Its packed with drama!" The Daily Times give it "A smack...
That Handball was so Gangsta. he was like "Pshh, so?"
I think Modric plays like Scholes, he hangs around the edge of the box, waiting for those loose balls to come to him so he can slam them in. But in my opinion,...
Awww what a pass from Carrick, What a pass. Also Give Scholes 3 matches, just 3 or maybe 4 and he will be back to scoring 30 yard screamers again. Sooner or l...
When ever Liverpool meet Man City, it always reminds me of Germany vs Spain. The Power vs Finesse. Anywho, It was a cool game, an honest one. Carrol wasn't th...
And that is coming from a fan of real madrid? who has a sore loser for a manager? Get lost.
Newcastle are not gonna give us a win so easily. they are a real nutcase, hardest thing to crack open. We have to start producing some good crosses in the box ...
Lets take a look at the goal keepers in the Premier League: * Reina: Kinda short, but thick, hes got muscles and hes strong. * Cech: Not so muscular but hellah ...
LOL 4:12 - True Love. Well done Sunderland, You saved our (Manchester United) Backsides.
Oh dear bale.. Why couldn't you be English!?
Wise words from a former top striker. What Alan shearer said was absolutely true. He would make an excellent Manager.
Oh boy Jones is a Wonderful Midfielder. The way he breaks and slips through gaps in Defense if i was a striker on Man United, and i saw Phil Jones running past...
He should learn to stop spreading his legs like a clown and learn from Beckham and bend it and dip it in the top corner.
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