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5 years ago
Chelsea's first 20 minutes last night AMAZING!! one two touch and go overlapping runs in and outs was amazing, pressing when not in possesion thats what we wann...
If we pick up moses this week and azp, our squad looks pretty complete in every aspect! im excited for this season and for the next few years we will be pushing...
We look crazy dangerous attacking at stages yesterday, hopefully the combinations start clicking more tho and more decisiveness with the end product. definately...
Is it just me or does anyone else think we need to trim the squad. i do think we need a specialist rb and a playmaking defensive midfielder. debuchy and m'vila ...
We need to offload a few more players in all honesty! either mikel or essien, preferably mikel because essien in form is a good player to have and get tiote or ...
Longggggg time no post for me! i just wanna congratulate everyone on the amazing win, who thought id be saying this even at the start of the season i never have...
I dont know what else drogba has to do for a 2 year extension! his our boy for big games!
6 years ago
Older players didnt like the bench that was the problem!
Long time no post, hope everyone is well! i miss avb :( we used to play good without luck, now we playing just with luck but winning hard to say which i prefer...
For all the negatives at the moment our future is starting to look insanely good on paper at least, gk: tbc rb: ?? cb: cahill cb: luiz lb: bertrand cm: macca ...
Ye but im sure that there is someone younger better that would like to come to chelsea fc, what are our scouts doing!?
I really interested to see how the transfer window goes, i dont know what all the hype is about cahil, alex is better! but thats not saying we dont need someone...
I get a warm feeling in my heart when manchester united lose :)
Any good streams??? im late today :(
Wrong button dont shoot me over it pls lol
Cant say over the moon about it but was decent result, got few easier matches in a row now boys gotta keep going if we gnna get something out of this season!
Thanks boys :)
Any good streams??
Go afghanistan already done us proud but hopefully we can win the final!
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