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Yes, yes... I know.
6 years ago
WWOW that save by De Gea on Mata's free kick was epic. Easily the best save of his career with MU and probs the best save of the EPL this year. What adds to it ...
Wow is right. The fifth goal is the best. That left was the most powerful shot I've seen all year!
Iniesta's goal is 10x better.... goals from free kicks are hard... but since they are basically a free shot, they shouldn't be considered for goal of the week.....
3-4-3 Destroys all! no need for a defense when you have the ball 75% of the time!!!!!!!!
Honest? they controlled possession like kings. I know people believe the only stat that matters is the score, but this just isn't true, especially in preseason....
Haha I love how people dig and dig and dig to find something to make themselves feel better. Well Barca haters, if this loss makes you feel good, then good for ...
There is absolutely such a thing as the B team at barca. If you didn't know it's a completely different squad and it plays in the second division. Yes, they are...
Somewhere on FootyTube
"The Greatest Goalkeeper In The World (Who Nobody On Fleet Street Had Heard Of Eight Days Ago)" If you watched the last World Cup, he was easily the best keepe...
So sad that Chelsea fans consider this a win. It really shows how desperate they are...
Aaahaha And people think only Barca get favorable calls! Two terrible calls gift chelsea the points. If Redknapp were the "Special One" he would be sure to clai...
OH HELL NO! Ferguson is not about to do that. He has character. He has passion for football. He... has... ROOOOOONEEYYY! I can't wait. I won't even be mad if M...
@khessler get it right, Arbeloa ran into Pedro. He clearly stepped into the path of Pedro purposefully. Although Pedro made a meal of it like a hollywood super ...
@Khessler If Barca was content to just play in their half why wouldn't Madrid push a few players to press? Instead they just sat back and waited for Barca to do...
Who is Pinto??? Who are you?
This is true and a good point. Barca have an average of 70% possesion. It follows that opponents would have 70% of the cards/fouls.
Hahahaha...It's funny because they're both Arsenal fans!
If I were a manager, I would prohibit clutching of the face unless there was blood! "If I catch you covering your face like a little bitch I'll sub you in a fla...
Busquets yes. Pedro no. I don't think he is disgraceful since this is his first offence. He doesn't normally do that. But Arbeloa shouldn't have obstructed him....
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