Agspiratos is in Greece!!! Won't Be On 4 A While
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Come back lol
3 years ago
He's dead, Ate too much greek yogurt
5 years ago
Are you dead or still alive? lol
Great? lol man it's been so long. Life in general is actually pretty good (safe to say it doesn't revolve around footytube) but it's alright on here to, especia...
7 years ago
Whats up manUK? How's life been without me?
Hey there sergio. How's the life treating ya?
What's your name again? :/ lol good to see you man :)
8 years ago
Lol your telling me mate , you been good? you on facebook by any chance?
What up kid, long time no see
WTFSPAZATTACK what u upto...if you ever see this ¬¬ lolz
Ah umm erm well I'm gonna have to get Sergio on that one. He has it stored away since you never got back on for a long long time :)
9 years ago
Where's me badge m8?
WE got your badge, just ask when you want it
Yo Alexis :D Big News- Big Stuff going on. want you involve. you got an email?
Haha yea, if you know who I'm talking about. He's returing on footytube's birthday. Yep this place has chnged and is huge but we can still make it a lot of fun....
First time i've been on since my vacation, and wow has this place changed. my sister occasionally logs on my account but she doesn't do much on it. anyways i g...
Got info for all the old Users mate! And it's about someone, not something
Nice pick gd team
Won't Be On 4 A While is right! :D
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