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Aerofred2002 just Watched
Murinho sabotaged the team. He benched quality players because of personal feelings about them. I love Essien, but he has passed his prime and he looked like a ...
5 years ago
Arsenal's problems for the past 4-5 yrs have been finishing and defense. Henry was the last good finisher Arsenal had. They play a beautiful game, but it all me...
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Khedira and Xavi Alonso look pretty solid to me...where is Modric going to fit in?????? Also,they have guys on the bench that are arguably better than Modric.
Manchester city should change it's name to Arsenal B.
6 years ago
It's over now. Those Abu Dhabi boys have successfully bought a title.
I am glad city won otherwise the premier league would've been very uninteresting if they didn't. Hopefully, other teams like Arsenal, Chelsea, NewCastle, Totter...
Why is this team on the verge of relegation? They beat Man U, Arsenal, and now NewCastle, all teams on the top of the table.
Ramos aired the bleep out of that one.
Torres is Spanish and a lot of Spanish fans would like to see him succeed.
Chelsea won more on luck than anything else. I don't believe Chelsea is the still that team Murinho put together. What are the odds of Messi missing a penalty k...
Those Barcelona boys can ball man. Chelsea won but they were under this constant onslaught from Barca. However much I hate to say this, Barcelona and the Barca ...
Why is Argentina not the best soccer country in the world? Look at how many fantastic strikers they have. 1.Messi Barcelona 2.Higuain Real Madrid 3.Aguero Man C...
Arsenal needs a strong left back like Ashley Cole when he was still with Arsenal, and another strong middle defender. Also, if that Podolski deal goes thru, we'...
I love Theo Walcott's game. He's a natural right winger and fits Arsenal's style perfectly. I would hate being a left back for any team against Arsenal because ...
The Africans are back and Man City is clicking on all cylinders.
Di Maria is back? Wonderful.
That foul on Van Persie was a penalty, but Sunderland deserved to win. Arsenal needs to restructure, trade some players especially on defense and acquire compet...
Many Brazilians thought Robinho was going to be the next Ronaldo. I like his game, but he disappears at times. Wenger needs to get real proven talent at the Emi...
Man U got lucky and had some help from the ref.
Gotze is perfect for Arsenal's system.
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