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@Volpz - The funny thing is, your post isn't exactly grammatically correct either. Stop being a prick, not everyone is from an English speaking country.
6 years ago
By the looks of it, he should be okay.
7 years ago
We sold him because thats what he wanted. He wasn't getting regular games at United at that time, and the logical thing to do would be to leave to get regular f...
This video was spoilt by the stupid music. damn! I'd much rather hear the commentary/atmosphere.
Are you sure you're a Pool fan? lol
1. Who says that SAF made any declaration that he would Sell Park? 2. Gibson is alright. He has potential. Wether or not he becomes a good player, only time wil...
Actually, I don't think Rooney should feel threatened at all. Its Berbatov that should be sweating bullets. I think Rooney + Chicharito will be a good combinati...
What is wrong with this idiot? He always posts negativity on this page. You're just a sorry Wigan fan that envy's United. Its not as if Wigan has a single worll...
You miss Alonso alot more.
Dont worry liverpool fans, you will win the Championship next season after you are relegated. Kiss the Champions League goodbye, and even the Europa League.
I dont think Chelsea gave you much to laugh about, did they?
Its early in the season. We had the exact same 12 points 2 years ago, and we still won the title. Difference is, that we are so far unbeaten, the only unbeaten ...
I dont know why SAF doesnt play Rafael. O'Shea has been far from impressive so far this season, yet he has started in every league match so far. Same goes for E...
Actually Vidic, Scholes, Berbatov, and Nani are the 3 best performers of the season so far.
This coming from a Wigan fan, that has an entire team of players. (except for Cleverly :D)
Not because he doesnt use his left that much, doesnt mean he isnt any good with it! IF you had a choice, wouldnt you use your stronger foot? Anyway, he scored a...
Yeah Me too! This Sapo s**t really sucks!
Some people on the United website were saying the only reason SAF was there is because we play Fullham in a couple of weeks. I keep trying to tell them that SAF...
Good Luck to you too!
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