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I don't mind seeing Young gettin sold, but I think Welbeck is a young player with a future. I don't know why you're hating on him.
It's silly because Arsenal were supposed to have higher expectations than Spurs. By celebrating so much for that fourth place spot, you're lowering your standar...
5 years ago
A typical Liverpool fan that's probably a bandwagon City fan...
DiSagnia, you're stupid. Barcelona barely had any shots on goals in both legs. You win by shooting not passing...
...dead silence from chelsea fans... LOL
Thankfully there are less bandwagon Chelsea fans now, but I honestly do think that 90% of City's fans are bandwagon hoppers. I'm guessing some of them used to l...
It's hard to believe he's only 22
You're an absolute idiot for making fun of others when you did NOT watch the match. If you've actually seem the game, then you know what I'm talking about. The ...
As long as he does go to City, then he'll be fine. City doesn't seem to care about the players as much as the other top clubs. Just want to win. I doubt Villa w...
If you don't think waiting 8 years is loyal, then I don't know what is...
Couldn't have said it better. I used to respect Arsenal since they're not the kind of club that buys their way to the top, but that respect is slowing dwindling...
This is all double-standards. If he scored, then it would have been an amazing goal, and a genius decision. But since he didn't, we blame him for not passing an...
Yeah even if one of bayern's goals might have been slightly offsides while the other could have been whistled a foul, we can't ignore the fact that Bayern shoul...
I don't get why people just feel the need to hate on United. It's City that's literally buying their way into the Champions' League with all those blank checks....
Playing in Europe is the break Wigan needs. Now that they have qualified, if they can finish the EPL season strong, then I can see a top ten finish next year!
No no no... Higuan's goal doesn't get the "also." HIS goal was the masterpiece. Great built-up followed by a great cross as he managed to stay onsides. Levante ...
No He's not...
Milan fans of course
Damn commentator... haha.
Yes, I'm sure calling everyone on here a moron will make you a better fan...
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