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Why can't people handle the truth?
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5 months ago
Chesire how the hell can you love something that has a statistically zero percent chance of happening? Lol.
1 year ago
This site is hopeless if it can't even give MOTD highlights for the premier league
2 years ago
Because the rest of his gameplay lacks and he makes us give away posession a lot more.
@LeoMessii "The rules of football were codified in England by the Football Association in 1863 and the name association football was coined to distinguish the g...
Redknapp is one of the biggest s*** talkers there is lol.
Lol you do realise people usually have no concept of rating whatsoever and will most likely ALWAYS just vote either of the extremes as in awesome for the winner...
3 years ago
4th spot is beckoning us now :)
Our point haul throughout the season a week before and after any champions league games we have played has been shocking. That aside, I still don't understand o...
Hahahahahaha what about you Luvdgame, SLOPPY I suppose is what YOU wanted to spell....
Hope Gio will be something special for us this season. Solid effort from the boys anyways, wonder how many Bale will rack up in 10/11.
How sad is this, apparently this team Verbeek's set up forte is its defensive minded approach, and considering how shocking our defence is at that, really not l...
4 years ago
Fair play to you, hope you guys go on to win the title over the arse and manu. Lets hope for another awesome match, and may the best team win on Saturday :)
I dunno what game you were watching but your team was a joke and barely threatened us, despite the amount of possession you had in our half King and Dawson look...
Thank you Everton, we love you!! :)
Lol truth is Harry's just a media darling, and will manipulate the press to make sh*t like this seem true. The facts are this: Pav arrived at spurs after playin...
The sad thing is Harry's been so stubborn when it comes to Pav, truly all you have to do is look at Harry's deadpan droopy face after the third goal to show how...
Shows how little you know about football...
Whilst I agree to some extent cmon is our need really that bad. If anything we need more of the drive and winning mentality that gets you into the top 4 through...
Ahahaha i fkin wish but this would never happen in a million years if you think logically about it... Keane's staying till the summer probs then hopefully we ca...
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