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Well England and Ukraine are in the same 2014 qualifying group. o_O
5 years ago
Oh man Jon1979 you're a troll :)
'and the goal was not called!'
So a ref not calling offside is fine? So a striker consciously cheating by standing behind a defender is somehow justified verses a defender getting back and ...
The ENG vs Belgium game had goal-line technology. There are various systems out there, it's just the people who make decisions aren't forward thinking enough. T...
It was justified that it didn't get counted, as it was an offside goal. Should have just been a goal kick. Neither got picked up by the ref, so in my eyes it ca...
I think Della is a troll. 'simple has that'
They really were bad for most of this game. Right from the start you could tell Sweden would score. England didn't look tired, but they took their time over eve...
Agreed, he always fluffs it in front of the goal.
And yes, Soccerfaithful, the Nasri goal dented england's confidence. I thought that was obvious to see but you're flaunting it like it's your great insight.
Nasri's goal was a lucky goal, there's no denying. Watch a replay. He even admitted it himself in the post-match interview. There were too many people moving in...
I don't question the intention of either side was anything other than winning. To think otherwise would be stupid. But a side that purely attacks with no fails...
I think it would be fair to say that both teams were good, and mediocre at times. I don't judge Roy for employing a defensive tactic, good teams are based on a ...
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