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Was this mans/womans account deleted for this comment?
4 days ago
Just watched his highlights & I must say he's much smoother and direct than Willian - just raw speed and skill, Conte would use him well
Part of my disdain (spellcheck) for ManCity is the disrespectful way that Pelligrini was sent out. As if Pep is such a magnificent manager where you can just o...
5 days ago
Be specific
Because currently Pep is visibly losing it, and from my experience when a manager can't even keep it together when addressing media, on the sidelines when we ta...
Drogbalampard u gotta pick 1 btw ManU/Arsenal comeon now
Why? smh
Lol I really just want this to happen honestly.. Bazinga- I dont see it unless we lose to Hull and they beat us next week, otherwise we're jus too far ahead
51 points left for grabs, here's my expert analysis prediction for top4: Chelsea - 97 (NEW record) Spurs - 90 Liverpool - 85 Manchester United - 84 Arsenal - ...
6 days ago
This squad isn't even close to its best, so many bad passes/off tempo n still up 2 edit: 3! :D
1 week ago
We wouldn't be where we are on the table without this POS, and he's been very well tempered this season we dont know exactly what happened and I'm willing to wa...
^its not a matter of the manager, its literally his footballing skills, he is very uncomfortable with the ball every time, his injury was even him awkwardly goi...
2 weeks ago
The reason we lost imo was bc there was no creativity and Azpi is just too short idk who can replace him in games like these but his height is a liability at ti...
Can't complain, well done Spurs. Very solid squad
Take Pedro off ffs
Farewell champ
___Azpi-LUIZ-Cahill___ Moses-Kante-Matic-Alonso __Pedro-COSTA-HAZARD__ goalscorers in caps, we win 3-2 in thrilling fashion :)
Its far from over, I see citys wheels falling off a little bit and it can flip right back upside down after another 2 games.. excluding Chels of course :)
1 month ago
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