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We can also add him, doesnt have to be a straight swap
1 day ago
Abramovic and Mourinho's relations based off Ancelotti's perception as manager isn't sound to me.. good interview tho
1 week ago
Drogba will manage Chelsea after Conte's successor fails :) trust
Nvm lol
2 weeks ago
14/1 odds that Hazard will score another, I'd bite if I lived in London
Maybe being hard on him but I have noticed how uncomfortable he is when the ball is in his possession. It matters to have a center back that you can trust to ma...
Zouma is offensively inept apart from headers.. he's a liability simply dribbling - don't watch Mangala enough to have an opinion. We need our back 4 to have of...
Oscar is far from average, I don't think he's been used to his full potential at all. I think he'd be great alongside Fabregangsta midfield, he tackles well eno...
Ok Cjaystacks so now we'll give the 1st leg home team even more incentive to play for a draw and score in the 2nd leg where 1 goal counts for 2.. how is that a ...
3 weeks ago
I see it as the 1st leg home team has a huge adv. to score and sit back, it changes the entire dynamic of a pure football match between the best teams in the wo...
Tough to see you lose on away goals nonsense. Never liked that rule.
I would really love to be a fly on the wall in that meeting where they decided that away goals are the best option for UCL
Cant say that didn't make me laugh - I enjoyed this match thoroughly
Leicester you may pass, Spurs denied! Lol -- Man how nasty did the Spurs get though? N people talk bad about Costa wow
4 weeks ago
1 month ago
Obino, to me Miazga is no worse than Zouma & and we haven't really given him a chance to get comfortable..if you think about it Zouma is one of the few changes ...
Dont think MU want that either, the antics, as well as the pattern of success lasting a short lifespan, them fostering their youth recently, also the fact that ...
Just tinkin of all the players I wish we kept -Sturridge -Lukaku -De Bruyne -Schurrle -David Luiz (I liked him) -Ba -Filipe Luis - - Really hope Conte can turn...
John Obi Mikel! -Guus Hiddink
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