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A MONTH? Did he forget how to play? Wtf
7 hours ago
I assumed this was for the goal scorers
2 days ago
Costa best, Oscar worst
Damnit, come back stronger big man!
3 days ago
True I'm being tough on him cuz he could of been soooo much more lethal but such is this season:/
4 days ago
He had his moments but overall I'd say it was probably one of his worst games with the corners/freekicks
I really feel like we should have won, De Gea is truly a beast, as is Courtuois but some good points I noted: -Hazard looked comfortable -Costa & Fab are grea...
Just REALLY dont like watching our back line except for Cahill who hasn't played n idk how long, also he cant cross for jack s**t which is crucial for 4-3-3, an...
6 days ago
The old guard is just that, old.. give it up. I initally became a fan solely because of Drogba. Clearly am still a fan but we had a fantastic team for a while a...
This lineup is a terrible choice tho
1 week ago
Backline looking nervous as usual
This month will be epic
Its Terry's fault that its awkward though by announcing it like this and its caused a stir among fans which is what he wanted smh its tacky and manipulative i...
It does kind of feel like it slowed the momentum a bit doesn't it? My question is why say this now Terry? Idk under what context was this even brought up? What...
Excited for Sunday's line-uppp, perfect time to experiment Guus! :D
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2 weeks ago
Ending of an era
I don't think people are "celebrating" it, it's just a good move for both parties
^I agree Eeegay, I haven't seen Remy play a whole game yet but I have seen him score about 6 or 7 nice goals in the time that he's been asked to go in
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2 years ago
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