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@liquidator and @Rylan, I loved classic goodbye part of Fabregas. I am sure we havent heard the last of it yet. I would be happy when we do a double over arsen...
3 months ago
Iconic images both!! Still cant stomach the fact that fiberglass will wear a blue next season.
Leaving for United? hahaha... but seriously, even jokes like that would give nightmares to Mata....
5 months ago
No, not the officiating. Just pointing out that there are a few out there who never shy on taking a dig at chelsea. We have ourselves to blame, but a bit of pe...
@blueskiesahead, whatever may be the foundations of FFP, it will inevitably prevent from any other team than the current elites from breaking into the big rank ...
FFP is ridiculous. It is designed to keep the elite as elite, rather create a small club of super elite european clubs, that other smaller clubs will find impos...
I always liked Moyes. Looks like the whole timing did not turn out well for him. And now with the constant criticism and the lack of squad depth, plus lack of p...
Hear hear.. no fancy football please. A 1-0 at max will do...
Rylan, given that we play midweek and then play Atletico again after the pool's game, I doubt that we would be focussed on the PL as much. And a draw is good en...
Given that we couldnt capitalise on multiple occasions this season when we had it all in our hand, i think its done and dusted as far as chelsea goes. As for ...
Bluff, possibly lacking a better target man up front is hampering our progress this season..
Any thoughts on how poor we are at set pieces these days?
Wasnt his fault that the ref gave a penalty was it? The thing is we expect more out of our players than they are showing as the title race heats up.. someone wi...
I think we will see Luiz and Lampard against Atletico, so Ramires had to play. Etoo should have been there, as he can play with the ball and create chances bet...
Atletico is anybody's game, and we will be the under dogs against them. The kind of energy and pace they have shown this season is tremendous, with no sign of s...
I suppose as we have played better this season against bigger teams..
^ whom do you blame? Willian I assume.. Probably Mourinho. Ramires could have reduced as to 10 men for all we know.
We have struggled against the smaller teams time and again this season. And for Ramires, he should have seen a red. Cant believe why he loses his calm for noth...
Great energy , gives in all for the team and a great guy as well I am sure. But his poor skills with the ball and lack of vision in passing has prevented him fr...
Points dropped by City. We now need to win all the matches to win it all....
6 months ago
7 months ago
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