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I am not gonna sit here and complain about all the stuff going on around the football. I'm talking about when the football is being played.. these are the 2 bes...
6 years ago
That was an awesome game.. dumb comment
He did that so he could take his mind of lass because lass was about to get a red card.. smart play by him
Dude your an idiot everything thinks barca didnt dominate.. i wouldnt say they were lucky but madrid had more chances and didnt make them like barca did.. madri...
And thats why were in the same postion in our leagues
When is football ever clean
Yea that was garabge they didnt explain at all how madrid played..
Great game.. easly best clasico there gas been in a while.. i hope this is how they all play out now.. madrid was very unlucky but they need to finish.. and i ...
Is that before or after you're watching pokemon?
De Gea is a work in progress.. and iker is the best goalkeeper in the world and if you deny that your a dumbass.. even you beloved barca would say he is.. I can...
You would want me suck your dick you faggot.. leave to the barca fan to say some s**t like that.. if you watched the game my f*****g grandma could have stopped ...
You probably think of messi when your beating off queer
Mhmm didn't Argentina lose to Bolivia 6-1.. mhmm i cant even remotely come close to naming someone on that squad.. you probably didn't even know Bolivia was a c...
Its because there is xavi inesta fabrgas alves villa sanchez all breathing down there back.. who does ronaldo have that compares to all those players.. no one.....
No offense messi is the best but forreal malaga should have scored atleast twice and that would have changed the game and that goalkeeper is garabage.. iker.. c...
Your gay
Evra had an assist? and evans is a terrible defender
Third goal was well done
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