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Aarongooding updated their profile
Aarongooding nominated D. De Rosario (10') for Goal of the Week
What else happened, I wasnt watching
Arsenal needs LUCIO at the back to give those murderous looks...they need an uber defender like him to to be a stronghold
5 years ago
They need to relax and get off his back....love his game since he was with Ronaldo in Corinthians
Hulk affected by the COLD....brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Where is Quaresma?
In terms of players in their prime, Hulk is the the Best Brazilian. if Brazil wants to win the upcoming world cup i hope the commit to having him in the line ...
The heel was mancini doing there.......hope hes not looking for More players.........Hes hogging enough talent as it is.....shud concentrate on Coaching
Y not Arsenal?
C ronaldo to himself." How did he do that?..........damn that was perfect..........i'm gonna have to score 2 ..maybe 3 goals to get even with him!'
So Quaresma is banned frpm games because he told off the manager???
Wtf happened ????????
They re just milkin him for all hes worth untill he retires....Just be happy they ve got a sure thing ready wen he does
I dislike GIRUDE
Winning Recipe For Liverpool Downing + Johnson in every match....(that a fackin given) and REPLACE THE FACKIN GOALKEEPER
Plyamaker version of Podolski plays Left Scorer Podolski on Right.....is wut i think
Don't worry man ...once podolski gets settled properly with his team, hes gonna take over as the best finisher in the league.forget chamak and Park...
Ouch......damn that look like it hurt
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