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Villa (who beat Arsenal soundly), Fulham, Tottenham, Sunderland, Swansea, Stoke, West Brom (who drew 1-1), Norwich, Crystal Palace. Granted we haven't beat any...
Oscar is a beast though.
5 years ago
Nah, Newcastle were very, very poor today. Made us look like Bayern or something.
Milner's goal could have definitely been called offside for interference. Tevez was in an offside position right in De Gea's line of sight.
Meh. Better team won, no question about it. Our first time performance was abysmal. Sincerely annoyed that Hendo didn't start over Joe. He's been really the pa...
He can try and claim it, but it was a very fortunate own goal. Ha. Fortune. Not something I'm used to with this club lol
Yeah, someones gonna have to stab Suarez for him to get a penalty. If that elbow to the head doesn't do it, I'm afraid nothing will.
Ack! Well fought both teams. City did well to capitalize on Liverpool mistakes. There are lots of positives though, one being that Joe Allen is a monster for a...
Yeah, average seems about right. Certainly not rubbish for the whole game anyway. Andy Carroll is the only player that wanted to win today. Pretty sad if you th...
6 years ago
Fernando had a flashback lol. Well done Chelsea, beat the "best team in the world." Now do me a favor and lose the rest of your games. Please?
LOL I love your name. If the big man keeps putting in shifts like this one and against United, you'll have to make another account :P
Not necessarily sucked big time, I think they were being out worked. They had no time on the ball, and honestly it look like Liverpool wanted it more.
I'm sorry didn't you just lose to a team we beat 3-1? Relax bro
That's Lord Voldemort to you :P
MOTM Glen Johnson for me. He was all over the pitch and absolute class. He was helped by a pretty poor Villa, but still. Brilliant performance overall
I call him Voldemort
City should have 2 losses. Joe Hart makes me sad
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