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4 years ago
Zone425 just became a Fan of Spartak Moskva
Kaka is probably a better lefty than Ozil and Dimaria. lol
5 years ago
I swear, if Kaka doesn't play against Ajax, then He should just leave and not waste his time here. Such great talent, just going all to waste.
Kaka and Benzema are dominating out there!
Ok, since we obviously have been plagued with injuries, its time for our subs to step it up a notch. Its probably gonna be their only chance to actually get som...
Jennifer Lopez is hotter
That will be pretty tough on the defense, dont you think?
Guys.... I really think Kaka should start against Barcelona.
Here is a quick searched vid
Overall of the game, I think we were plain lucky. Not saying we did terrible, but cmon, two goals in the last 3 minutes? Especially Ronaldo's goal, The keeper w...
Its not about returning. Kaka is a great player right now even if he isnt gonna be at the same milan man. He needs more playing time. Sitting on the bench just ...
Di maria, what an embarrassment.
Dang what a pass my marcelo to khedira!
You've been gone forever! Hope you come back.
Http:// Hahahaha!
Http:// LOL
Hey, I'm back, I have been gone for a while. But its all good now. check this out!
YO DUDE! where have you been man?!!?!?!
6 years ago
Oh how I wish Kaka would move to Chelsea. That would be a dream come true.. :)
Wow well arent we lucky
I only liked your comment because of your picture.
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