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Kaka, Modric, Ozil didn't click at all, they were getting in each others way.
5 years ago
@AFG I just want the "Kaka 5 star performances are against weak teams" talk to stop
@AFGMADRIDISTA I was about to say it, we are so unlucky in that department, we offload stars and then they come back to haunt us.
If I remember correctly, we were playing with 1 central midfielder in Galcticos era,
Man, Figo was such a class.
It's most likely Mou will start Kaka against Celta than Dortmund.
That's what I think, he won't leave unless he is told to.
Yep, or Dortmund for example, we have seen over and over how easily he dismantles the weak teams, I wanna see Mou put up a challenge for the Brazilian.
I'd like to see Kaka play against a formidable opponent this season.
Have y'all seen what Neymar did at the end of the game ?
What about Benz?
The game against Dortmund should be exciting to say the least. How's Celta by the way, are they strong ?
Fifa fund for smaller clubs who can not afford the surgeries, Real looking pathetic for that lol.
Real Madrid won't let Kaka go, they know what usually happens when we let one of our stars leave the club.
Someone is applying strong woodoo on Real Madrid players, what the hell man, Higu just got injured.
He is getting there.
Marcelo, Arbeloa, Coentrao, Khedira, Benzema what the hell ?
@Chelsea300 Of course haha.
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