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@ Pewpew Well put "El cashico" hehehehe Or "El cashico between two sellouts" Only thing to follow in Europe is Champions League, the rest is just overdone misma...
4 days ago
Saw Steven Gerrard tried to pull off the Zlatan (at 0.55min) against QPR, only to fail and look stupid.
1 week ago
Any player that can survive and score goals in the Italian league is a beast that cannot be stopped. Zlatan showed his brilliance with three different teams, an...
Good City is 2nd, hope they win again. The most entertaining team in EPL.
3 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
1 month ago
Argentina is far better without star Messi. Even though people will say "its just friendly". Its more about how the players play together, and this Argentina si...
Seems like English media hates city. This is their year trust me one of the only team that will surprise all. The media have ruled them out and they love overhy...
2 months ago
Chelsea always get away from facing tough opponents in the start.
BluFFmaster Man if Van Gaal says tomatoes are a disgrace, you should never mention Tomatoes ever. If you do mention it Van Gaal will appear in your worst nightm...
3 months ago
James and Colombia should be so disappointed for not getting anything from this tournament. Very unfair cause James did so much in the later stages. Got 6 goals...
Skool "babes to report the games" hehehehe nice one
Pointless 3rd place games. After the first half, I was like let me get back to doing work. This is just for FIFA to make some extra bucks. Next idea start havin...
Just googled Adrian Chiles... oh man that guy looks so scary during the half-time report. like he is looking into a crystal ball in a dark room.. hehehe I like...
Gangster James Rodriguez. Best performance with a team that is not full of stars.
ITV provided me with the most important stat that will change my understanding of football forever. "This is the first time FIFA choose a referee from Africa co...
Thanks for sharing I was really sad seeing people cry. Even more sad to see how the media was making fun of this loss saying things like "Is this the worst res...
@Colinmc don't you feel sad that the gangster Suarez is no longer with Liverpool and you guys are in the Champions League. What the heck are u all going to do w...
Agreed with MT That Brazil vs Colombia game reminded me of an old Champions League game maybe involving Inter where there were like 15 fouls in 30 min or so an...
I miss the true gangster in this tournament aka Zlatan. Hope this year is PSG's turn to take the crown of Europe. ehhehehe
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