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1 year ago
All I know is unlike the usual suspects, Leicester is teaching the true lesson of football, the classic grind out a result from each game. AKA "NO COMPLAINS GET...
2 years ago
How much did Real Madrid pay to play Wolfsburg.
@Futboll Forza Milan, support since 2002, good or bad thats my team.
LVG is so serious that when he did this it was so funny and unexpected but now it will be online forever hehehehe
@Northstream "Ridiculous. Stick to baseball and Donald Trump!" Follow my 2014 resolution "NO MORE NEWS". Your life will be Ahhmeehzing.
Question: "Do you watch Premier Leauge?" Answer: "No I watch Leicester City" ___________________________ Leicester are team first, wins second, and trophies l...
@LyverBird hehehehehehehe ________________ Leicester the best forget the rest
@Yaldho Leicester is team first, wins second, and trophies last. Big clubs are Trophy first, transfers second, and team last.
Gotta give it Cristiano Ronaldo, playing for his trophy while his team sits 3rd and sure to loose the league.
@Moe66 no man you forget "Bale alone is a threat". When he shows up Depay and Martial will stand and watch him do the razzle and then the dazzle. hehehehehhe
I do agree with your point of view, City this season is everywhere, its like what City is playing this tournament, what the heck how come they are playing in Eu...
@Joeymac on the dot, you know what was crazy was the RvP transfer cause he caused a lot of damage the season Man U won. That was crazy to see such an experience...
Lecister the best forget the rest. Keep fighting, keep fighting, and dont stop now your almost there. The entire 99% are with you.
@Gatete @Shaymoose17 Not saying they are bad just saying they are not talked about or discussed anywhere online or on TV as if they don't exist. No one on Sport...
@PaddySpurs4Life No one cares about Spurs. And I mean no one. Everyone is talking about Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea, United, Crystal Palace, West Ham, Liverpool...
Wrong section had to go under different discussion
----- got posted in the wrong place---
@NaijaCarefree hehehehehe great one. Arsenal fans are just like their Manager, all big talk, under value opponents, then after 60min the score is Arsenal 1 Opp...
Hahhahah Robben cuttin right to left. The goalkeepers can now plan ahead "oh Robben has the ball lets jump now". Commemorators "what a great save by the keeper,...
Before that answer, BBC really needs to get with the program, freekin the whole world is using YouTube these bozos are using a video player that was invented in...
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