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2 days ago
Atletico has proven their worth with teams from different part of Europe while Chelsea with the 100s of millions spent plays like strolling in the park. The mos...
Lets hope in the modern times of Money vs. Football Football wins
Bayern vs Real --> Real Altetico vs Chelsea --> Chelsea --------------------- Chelsea vs. Real ---> Chelsea Sad sad affair heheheheh
I would love for Atletico to win the Champions League. I was very skeptical at first but man how they played against Barca shows their commitment and desire to...
Lukaku is gangster and Mourinho was so rude to give him away. Players are like kids and they need the support when they make a mistake. Mourinho is a very oppor...
3 days ago
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1 week ago
For real to show up in the final they have to play atletico. They are a disappointment to see as you can score multiple goals on them.
Mourinho has officially made football into baseball aka boring as hell. Ofcourse players love him cause he over pays and waste so much money to create a team a...
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So guys and gals, do you all think is there any chance of the team making to Europa next season.
Chelsea = grandma football Billions spent to get players from all over only to wait and score from a set piece play. Or get a penalty through amazing falling d...
2 weeks ago
Chelsea always gets the easiest teams to play and still struggles to make it through. Every time its the same story. Get a joke of a group and both the manager...
1 month ago
This has to be the goal of the season. Chelsea is a tough team to beat even if they don't score cause of their amazing goalkeeper. But that goal is just pure cl...
Also, whats more annoying than the footylight app ad? The annoying commentator in the middle of the ad
AMazing show by City to prove their not a weak team. Silva is far better than Ozil. And I am sad to say this but its true. His movement is so amazing he can mov...
This is what happens when an organization only cares of media rights, marketing deals, player and manager bans, and everything expect managing the actual gam...
There are games that remove the hype and show the reality of whether a team is capable to winning the championship. And this is one of those games. Seeing Bayer...
This is what's amazing about champions league, as long as there is no bad bias calls, it shows teams their actual potential and state of talent. Milan was escap...
I know Milan is out after their lack of finding goals in the last 3 or 4 games. Bayern is the only other team that is worth watching and can give a hard time to...
Its the finishing I would say rather than the team. Football is so weird just like life. Neymar scored so easily in the international friendly but could not fin...
Tottenham really deserves a rubbish rating on this performance. What are they doing falling all over. Each goal was made possible by the tottenham defenders mak...
Müller has always been the heart of Bayern. Very smart and always in the right place at the right time. Hope Bayern does not get overconfident like last time a...
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