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4 years ago
Are you even a fan of Manchester United? RVP's been injured.
Its embarrassing how we're playing right now. Im also doubting whether we can beat New Zealand
Exactly this. Should have bought Suarez or Cavani instead of Bale
Not impressive. Give him a couple of games
Mata is still the best out of Hazard, De Bruyne, Schurrle, and Oscar and Moses, but he should still leave. Way too many midfielders
Ocampos and carrasco are awesome players. I have no idea what happened to spurs this game (also lloris probably should have saved 2 of those goals). I watched i...
I dont see why Santos has Awesome upvotes unless its as a joke. They played embarrassingly awful if you watched the game it was like Barca was playing a team fr...
Cant remember exactly when he came on, but Im pretty sure It was around when they already scored 5-6 goals and he did give an assist
Benzema is overrated. Higuain has always been better, but Di Maria is definitely underrated.
Have you experienced Deja Vu recently?
I thought it was funny how Howard made sure he wasn't going to get Pirlo'd (chip down the middle)
He's so dumb for staying at Barca. He should have left 2 years ago or atleast this year he should have gone to Sociedad. He's a really solid and consistent midf...
TaT didnt play awesome. We both played shitty, especially in front of goal
Well I agree with you and so do many mexicans. Our number one problem is finishing the goals. Its amazing how many obvious goals we miss. In this game we played...
You guys are gonna beat us. Not only are we playing horribly, but were going to play with our 3rd team. Not even the bench warmers of the main team are being ca...
I mostly agree with ASFedayn, but I think you can support your team without living in the city or going to the stadium as long as you have SOME ties to the team...
5 years ago
Hate when people say messi doesnt take long shots. obviously they dont watch him play in real life
It's never a friendly against brasil. Not for any team and especially not for mexico. Brasil and mexico have a bit of a rivalry so its always a good game to wat...
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