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Cristiano himself sais it's ok, but you never know...
16 hours ago
Congrats on winning La Liga and the CDR. You guys deserved it.
1 day ago
Hmm, he indeed isn't very interesting from a commercial point of view. And with Perez as president, well you know...
2 days ago
We need a decent CB and we need him fast. Bailey is a great CB and would be a good option for us I'm sure. The guy is still young, but I believe he has got what...
Eric Bailey could be very interesting for next season. I think he's great and is still very young. He won't be that expensive either.
Have exactly the same feeling, don't know if I'm gonna support them at the EC...
1 week ago
I don't disagree with you either, I just think it's a pity those players didn't get selected. Also the whole Benzema saga is a real tragedy...
@SoccerlsFootbal Selecting two new players doesn't change too much, certainly not in a negative way. Gameiro an Ben arfa both had a great season and deserve a ...
@Jujex Why do you think I don't know of the whole Benzema and Valbuena scandal? In fact nothing has been proven yet and what happens next to football doesn't ...
It's a bit off topic, sorry for that. I'm a quiet a supporter of France since I was (and still am) a big fan of Zizou, but I have to say the decisions of Descha...
Those guys are a bunch of retarded wankers. I felt sick reading those comments
I think you guys forgot Benz. I know he's often injured, but the lad had a great season too and he makes us far more dangerous when his on the field.
2 weeks ago
Whoever wins the final deserves to win the ucl. I agree 100 percent with what S2killinit says btw. Atletico is quiet a dirty team. It seems that almost everybod...
I never really doubted him when he got the job, while most did. Zizou always was and is a great leader. It's almost like a fairytale how good he as been as our ...
Granada themselves won 1-4 against Sevilla plus Granada away is never easy, though I think you guys won't make a mistake
Guess we have two superhero goalkeepers :)
Yeah, I shouldn't have posted my comment during the break lol
Yep James has been a maestro in there. We're indeed playing great, can't remember a time we were so consistent and had such a good organization. Wonderful goal ...
He'd better go to a club like Villareal or maybe even Atletico
It would indeed be sad that a player of his quality and his age must sit on the bench during a whole season...
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