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I'm so glad Benz scored
1 day ago
It's unreal how arrogant we play in La Liga. Can't understand it either.
Ronaldo really isn't the core of our problem IMO. We lack creativity on the wings and foremost there is a too little movement when we're in position of the ball...
2 weeks ago
Isn't this becoming boring for you guys? We aren't even trying to make things difficult for you :v
3 weeks ago
This is the most pathetic Real Madrid I've ever witnessed. I've seen bad things, but this just beats all. Some of these players just aren't good enough and shou...
I agree on the part he has to do the talking on the field, but this has been his first bad season at Madrid in 9 years. He probably is the best player in the hi...
Benz wasn't even bad when he came in. He didn't get that much time eather. Give him a break.
4 weeks ago
I really enjoyed watching the game yesterday, can't remember the last time I did. This was a very good performance and we needed that. Bale is the man we can bu...
@Pedmar You can't win two CL trophees in a row with only luck
1 month ago
For example our game against Sevilla. That was by far our best performance this season. Assensio and Vazquez, two wing players, both started the game. I think i...
His problem is that he lacks creativity as coach. I don't understand why he always puts four central mids in the starting XI without any wing players. Normally ...
Zidane has done a great job for us by winning 2 CL trophees in a row and winning La Liga. Therefore I will forever be gratefull to him, but I think he won't be ...
This may very well be the most pathetic post I have ever read here. One can't just become a fan, you are one or not, you clearly aren't one...
@SoccerlsFootbal Amen.
2 months ago
Not that I expected us to win this game. If it went on for a thousand minutes more, we still wouldn't have scored. This must be the sadest Real Madrid I have wi...
@Pedmar I still back Benz, but he needs some competition. It's obvious he's not doing well at the moment, but that doesn't mean he won't get better. A challeng...
3 months ago
Far better second half. We scored two beautifull goals. Most of all I'm happy with the second one because the build-up play was great. That's Real Madrid at its...
Yep, I will always back Benz, but he is doing terrible. We really need to buy a striker who can score goals. Next to that we need a decent right back.
A course about accountancy is more fun than watching us play. The linesmen are the worst by the way, just unbelievable..
How frustrating, La Liga is as good as over....
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