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Tanmay wrote in On ZizOzils wall
You can't get out of this by lashing out. Name calling is a blatant violation of the rules and there was absolutely no doubt in any mod's mind that this is unac...
2 years ago
In addition to what Zilch and Pejvl said, let me just reply to your specific points. I did not see Franky calling Ronaldo a bitch anywhere. As for the mods edi...
If you're not able to act normally on this site like everybody else,then fine,Zilch can remove your account. But you know,it's not that hard to avoid insulting ...
Zizozil "I just noticed what you wrote. You have restarted this cycle of throwing in insults; don't think mods haven't noticed. I suggest you straighten up bec...
Ah screw it man I'm not about to apologize here for calling Suarez a dog after seeing them slay Ronaldo left and right, Franky4fingers calling Ronaldo a bitch a...
"I just noticed what you wrote. You have restarted this cycle of throwing in insults; don't think mods haven't noticed. I suggest you straighten up because this...
Hey ZizOzil, This is a part of the post that you made on Barc's chat recently: "You guys bought your self a dog now stop comparing his incidents to other foot...
Welcome back White! So glad to have you back!!
Long highlights it is lol. Thanks
Been busy all day at work and during the game I could not believe the match info I was seeing on my phone. I mean did we really play that bad or Córdoba was ju...
Shocking.. I expect United to be on top when it comes to corners giving the fact Jones is delivering them!!
This guy him and Malik going around the EPL forums and try to bring down RM and its players every chance they get lol. Real sad..
LOOOOVVVINNNNGGGG the new signings!!!!
CoughBarceloa Get it? Cuz the whole team dive ;)
This must've been the first match you watch for them? That's how hey play game in game out. If neymars and Suarez dives not doing it, in the late minutes they s...
Worlds best at acting.
Tuned in the game just to see Neymar diving I was like F this I'm out. 20 mins later was bored got into the game and right away Suarez with a dive and spit comi...
I would love Pogba to join but it's not fair to bench any of our midfild for him. My vote goes to De Gea.
Why would RM trade Isco for 20m. He worths way more than that.
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