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Merry Christmas everyone one! Celebrate it or not, it's still one of the best time of the year! :)
7 hours ago
^ Bayern is infact a Madrid's rival and Xavi is a sad clown. That's all.
I know you guys are waiting for me to post this!!!! :) Latest news from the clowns.. well actually this time from the biggest clown of them all. "He didn't do...
1 day ago
This match reminds me of Mouh time.. Clueless against a defensive side like this. Idc if it ends 2-0 hell 2-1 as long as no more injures.
4 days ago
Getting At. Madrid for CDR already?? Come on now lol
5 days ago
What a loss it would've been for Madrid had city picked him up indtead, a loss to the rest of the PL teams as well haha. With the way he's shaping up is unreal,...
1 week ago
We got some talented/world class players no doubt. This is probably the best Real Madrid team since 03. However, with all honesty, the success behind the perfor...
Http://www.101greatgoals.com/blog/isco-shows-off-his-silky-skills-with-heel-keepy-uppies-in-real-madrid-training-video/ Some disgusting foot works. The control...
Both Fabregas and Kroos can't stop assisting. Best midfielders in the game atm.
Who cares. As long as Ronaldo wins it.
I don't care how good we're playing, without our little magician, this team is just not the same. Hurry back Luka! This vid was updated by Rom7ooo not long ago...
Wish we can get veratti. It'll be hard to get him during winter transfer that's for sure.
He's been a clean player since last season. Not only that, a solid of a defender.. Probably the best defender at Madrid since the arrival of C.A!
I've praised Ancelotti and the team for this before but I like to do it again. I just love the fact that we almost always come and out play our opponents in the...
Woke to a text from a friend saying the clowns drew. Hoping for more texts like these in the future. La liga, UCL, CDR and every competition. Trophy less again ...
^ he has already scored league goal. Last season against his formal club.
Kroos assisted. In other news, the sky is blue. What a match this has been so far. Brilliant!
Marcelo in our 3 men Midfield will see us lose possession big time. It'll hurt Kroos especially, I can see him playing as an attacking winger-support but honest...
Come on Ibra more more! show these clowns how football is played :)
2 weeks ago
So Barcelona not playing?
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