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The window's still open don't let Zilch fool you. We should all get together and go for him!!
4 days ago
Btw those through passes from James today are simply beautiful. Exactly what this team needs.
1 week ago
Benz :)
For some reason I can't reply to posts. Anyone having the same problem here?
1 month ago
Our best player today. Toni fcking Kroos. BOSS. CLASS.
That's the spirit!!! Go join barca fans since you like whining. These clowns whine and cry about every single Madrid match. Win, loss or draw you will always s...
Wenger one of the best coaches in the world. I hope all the best to him and Arsenal this year. RM vs Arsenal CL Finals ;)
Are you freaking kidding me.. I CANNOT believe this is Kroos's first match with us. The guy plays like he's been here longer than any body, so calm, know when t...
Cjayzz I swear I feel like every post you post is bitching and whining, even if we win the CL there is something you'll whine about. Let's not forget how many ...
Welcome to footytube now please start making sense from now on.
Mt1234 here again to drop some knowledge on who makes sense and who doesn't.. Henkkaa, please don't make it sound as If I'm running a campaign against Iker. Li...
I understand that, Truth be told, Iker is not the same as last year or any year before that.. starting from the WC and his last friendly match shows that he los...
No. Just friendly games. But needs to stop his complaining about referees even in friendlies, it's getting ridiculous with this guy.
Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7-gDbWAR0k Guys check what we got in our hands. Honestly, I love Casillas so much but I see us going trophyless if he doesn't I...
When barcelona players dive even in friendlies does not mean that they want to win them, they're just training for the competitive matches. It's in their blood ...
Someone tell these s**t heads inter players that this is just a friendly match ffs. Need to calm down with their elbows there.
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2 months ago
Why do we need messi when we have Ronaldo.
World class players want join Madrid and Madrid can afford to buy them. At least Sanchez didn't choose Arsenal over my club. Keep on signing overrated English ...
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