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Crying nah, If you look at the past i think more arsenal fans would of had more resons to cry than liverpool fan, lol
7 years ago
Harsh game lmao
Wallah same @Osama Mohamadi did really well wish him well, and mabey move on after this season on to bigger and better things e.g. going Liverpool lmao
I would just Cry if i was a Man city Fan!!!!
Black cats!!!! Much love
Good result for Man City Could of been better though 0-0 ?? To be fair they havent spent as much as money this summer compare to others.
You really played hard teams didnt you.
We can say WE HAVE TORRES hahaha love it
@REDDevil98 hahahaha so funny know i see how stupid you really are>> "maybe n0. 8 this time instead of no. 7 hasaha" o dearo "hasaha"??
@Richgy OMG We are talking about football here mate, not something as personal as a hair cut ffs people like you are bad for the game!!!
@Theodub clearly you dont know wtf your talking about!!
Soccerboy. See this is the diffrence between liverpool fans and othe fans, We have postivity and support to our teams in the most difficult and good time, trus...
Grrrrrr man Liverpool one of the most to clubs in the world, i can not beleive that we are making spurs and man city as our top rivals!! Why?? last season was b...
Man you reminded me of my good old child days arghhhhhhh loved that game i always used to get up so early in the morning just to play on it lmao i also got in s...
Hey can you givfe me fan triats i gave you some
8 years ago
Hey man! Zidane is awesome! You are Liverpool fan I see... good stuff. add me as a friend
Zidane played vary well in 06....add me
Nah man SWP is a really good winger and top quality, i under stand why your so negative about him Kingsickhead your chelsea fan. :)
Tevez took the wrong step going to Man Utd, Ermm he stayed 2 season yeh, he dident play much first season not as much as would of he liked anyway, so he did not...
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