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YousifSayid: Your boy Ray Hudson? Complete guess here but, you must be 18. Go grow a mustache, then make a fist, then stick it up ommak's. JRaty: magisterial...
This commentator is annoying "to the n^th degree." And what the F is magisterial? Doesn't that mean dictatorial?
You represent what is wrong with today's football. Shame on you, hang on to your MU scarf and stop whining. I supported my team when they went to second divis...
Damn foot light, more frustrating than watching manU.
Maybe you should learn arabic, and some football.
Was the weather in England blurry today?
It may be too early. It's called pre-season for a reason... and Man U always leave it late. But I agree, Sevilla played great.
@Leonardito: good job moderating this forum. Just a suggestion, on your screen, there is a close window button, click on it and eff off.
After the game ended, they brought the cows back on the field to finish grazing the remaining green spots.
Interesting theory, except... he was speaking German during his first post-match interview. Perhaps it was not translated to Persian.
Nice 3rd goal. I have never seen a diving chest before... well, not since Pamela Anderson.
Was that Inspector Clouseau playing (:19-:22s)? First, he miskicks the ball and Galatasaray score, then 5 seconds later, he kicks his own goalie in the head.
Have you watched Italy - Spain? Why was Spain outplayed there? Oh don't say!! it's so they remove some stains off Berlusconi's underage sex scandal. Oh! You a...
This was the best result Arsenal managed to get this season. well played Arsene!
Van Persie, Champion of the EPL Suarez, Chomp-ion of the EPL
5 years ago
Suarez, Chomp-ion of the EPL.
I replied earlier saying, "I agree, ManU suck ;-)"... as in, the team, ManU suck. Got it? play on words, haha! And THAT got removed? are puns banned now? N...
Fergie? Is that you again?
The difference between the #3 spot and Hamburg is 10 points. The difference between Hamburg (mid-table) and relegation zone is 14 points. This is a contrast of...
Yeah, and if the earth wasn't tilted, we wouldn't have seasons. Live with it.
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