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It's funny how people think they know more than a man who has been doing this for more than a decade on the highest level, quite amusing. He doesn't even link t...
5 years ago
''We'' understates Barcelona as a club/family. Since the supporters are part of the club. We can say we.
Or they should just throw hay on the pitch. Maybe, he'll understand.
Real Madrid don't deserve a draw. They have been absolutely disgraceful. I hope that animal gets a 5 match ban or should I say animals.
Not only football, Che. He is a disgrace to mankind. Pepe belongs in the zoo.
Pepe is a piece of s**t. He should have seen red a while ago.
Pepe the diver strikes again.
Pepe already dived several times in this game. What for excuse will the Real fans come with this time?
I am still here guys. I don't comment that often anymore, because I am sick of arguing with 12 year olds. I daily read the Barca forum, keep up the good work.
I think the draw for Real Madrid has two sides. It is decent draw, but its also friggin' cold in Moscow in February. It should be interesting how they cope with...
I wanted Arsenal to do well in the CL, but since I read the Arsenal forum. I just want them to be crushed by AC Milan.
Learn to write.
Scoring 53 goals a season is so overrated. What were we thinking. When I read this comments. I feel like 90% of you didn't or don't even play football. Like thi...
It's Mr. Penalties.
You could counter attack against Ajax, because Ajax is a team who wants to play football. Against the likes of Levante or any other defensive team it is harder....
I don't expect a huge win. Our record against eastern European teams isn't that great.
Mourinho was not kidding when he said that he was trying to avoid relegation.
6 years ago
Di Maria once again proves why Shakespeare chose him to be Juliet in his play.
I think you mean season.
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