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It's funny how people think they know more than a man who has been doing this for more than a decade on the highest level, quite amusing. He doesn't even link t...
6 years ago
''We'' understates Barcelona as a club/family. Since the supporters are part of the club. We can say we.
Or they should just throw hay on the pitch. Maybe, he'll understand.
Real Madrid don't deserve a draw. They have been absolutely disgraceful. I hope that animal gets a 5 match ban or should I say animals.
Not only football, Che. He is a disgrace to mankind. Pepe belongs in the zoo.
Pepe is a piece of s**t. He should have seen red a while ago.
Pepe the diver strikes again.
Pepe already dived several times in this game. What for excuse will the Real fans come with this time?
I am still here guys. I don't comment that often anymore, because I am sick of arguing with 12 year olds. I daily read the Barca forum, keep up the good work.
I think the draw for Real Madrid has two sides. It is decent draw, but its also friggin' cold in Moscow in February. It should be interesting how they cope with...
I wanted Arsenal to do well in the CL, but since I read the Arsenal forum. I just want them to be crushed by AC Milan.
Learn to write.
Scoring 53 goals a season is so overrated. What were we thinking. When I read this comments. I feel like 90% of you didn't or don't even play football. Like thi...
It's Mr. Penalties.
You could counter attack against Ajax, because Ajax is a team who wants to play football. Against the likes of Levante or any other defensive team it is harder....
I don't expect a huge win. Our record against eastern European teams isn't that great.
Mourinho was not kidding when he said that he was trying to avoid relegation.
Di Maria once again proves why Shakespeare chose him to be Juliet in his play.
I think you mean season.
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