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4 years ago
Zbudge wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
^^ haa. city would
5 years ago
Beckham! no.. suarez! pretty crappy defending tho.
6 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
Shut up udechile it was fun until you butted in.
As much as i loved fabregas when he was with us... HAHA BITCH!
I agree man the ovrebo scandal is the biggest joke of a game i've ever seen. ever since then every big game barca has played the refereeing has been so bad! so ...
Somewhere on FootyTube
A clever way of gaining penalties? go watch la liga man. english football is about the REAL THING, not "clever" cheating ways to put your team ahead. flopping y...
Great refereeing in this match. if refs only understood the favoritism cries wouldnt be an issue if the calls that could go either way (xavi's chip looked like ...
Somewhere on FootyTube
I feel bad for balotelli, as has been mentioned.. but will he really be sold? city.. they ruin football imo, they agree to pay these players so much money that ...
Iron OZIL.... a BARCA fan.... writing glory glory MUFC.... is everything ok?
I'm gonna go ahead and make a BOLD prediction that barca will get a questionable penalty or a stupid unnecessary red card (lehmann 2006, van persie 2011, motta ...
I don't really understand how this can be this big of a deal right now.. The best part and final stretch of the season is still yet to come people calm down and...
Wouldnt trade anyone for ibrahimovic.. well, maybe squillacci
Somewhere on FootyTube
Glad he's doing well over there, he should just stay there.
He's not complaining about liverpool, he's complaining about suarez. and everyone has the right to complain about suarez, the guy's an ass
I think he was joking dog. its alright i promise, we all know bendtner isnt world class.
I can't believe a spanish league ref had the balls to show a barca player a straight red card. that has to be the first time that's ever happened?
Are you saying in this game? he played.. he assisted our first goal sweetheart..
That looked more like bad defending than a good run. i feel most strikers in huntelaars position would have done that, cahill left robben wide open.
When thats what you're paid to do? haha i'd say its all that matters
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