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It's games like these that make it really hard for them to avoid comparisons.
5 years ago
I think Arsenal were very good defensively today, even if we flailed a bit with the goalscoring chances it's looking a lot more solid than it did at the start o...
I bet Brendan Rodgers is wishing he'd stayed at Swansea right about now.
Lol I wondering how Henderson is feeling right now... Seems like it's a trend amongst players these days, look at Torres and Carrol, players like these were bet...
6 years ago
Great respect for Dempsey. I hope the Americans appreciate and look up to Dempsey, they might take "soccer" seriously and start to bring through a new generatio...
Cahill should have been sent off. Manchester United should not have got a second penalty. Moral of the story?, Howard Webb should not be a referee...
Lol damn straight, I prefer Barca fanboys to Man U glory-hunters. At least Barca actually have skill and don't rely on bribing the FA.
Rooney would be nothing without the assists from Howard Webb.
Very proud of the Swans, Great Game! ^^ At the same time I hope Arsenal can pull themselves together after this and return to winning form.
Real Madrid look good for the title, hopefully they can keep it up above Barcelona!
Lol ain't Karma a bitch?
O'Neil is such a fantastic manager. Sunderland might be pushing Europe next season, maybe even this season!
United are on horrible form, ever since the City game they lost 6-1 they haven't beaten a team in the Premier League by more than 1 goal which some can argue is...
Frustrating day for the Glory Hunters.
Amen to that!
Manchester United win on penalties. Even when they play as poor as that lol.
Arsenal have a habit of being complacent, despite not being the top of anything. Gotta stop getting lazy otherwise Arsenal won't be a name to be feared but mer...
Torres always finds a way to c**k it up after scoring lol Unlucky Swansea
F****n Phil Dowd trying to be an asshole again, lol didnt make a difference, Rooney still missed
Won't be long before Sinclair scores, Swansea are looking really good defensively, they just need to attack more. Arsenal are looking very weak , carrying of...
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