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My boy Clint Dempsey, cool as you like.
2 years ago
Awesome complications from this guy, as always.
Awesome young lad, let's hope he can keep up his goal scoring!
HOLY s**t THAT GOAL! Wowowow. And yeah, their goalkeeper might was well go play on the pitch because he didn't do any good between the woodwork.
3 years ago
This ref should go to hell...let's bomb Mali.
Dempsey = beast. Best American player hands down, Donovan could've gotten on his level had he the balls to stay at Goodison.
That can only be done by a Brazilian. Delicious.
4 years ago
Thanks for the friend invite, ZF.
He should go back to waiting tables ^.^
Thanks for the add mate
Yes, we are SOOOOOOO lucky that Torres whiffed the ball at the end of the game on an open net for a free goal. SOOOOOOO lucky that Park dove thru a flying boot,...
Good job Mr. Hadji!
English football is the greatest. And what you know about my fellow countrymen C. Demps? Yeah!
What a f*****g disgrace! I actually called Chelsea to be in the final with Barcelona. Oh well, silly Drogba and Chelsea couldn't connect. Oh well, the Special O...
No matter who you support, you must respect the essence and skill of a true footballer. Messi is simply brilliant.
United romp, Real sink, what more can I ask for? =]
United romp, Real sink, what more can I ask for? =]
Beautiful futbol for sure...Bendtner just needs to stay away from the box and needs to buy a new foot.
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