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Owen is only 31? I thought he was a few years older
7 years ago
Anderson started very lively, very confident but he was never seen after he gave the ball away in the back and almost cost Man U a goal... Low confidence can be...
Nice goals... Even better video quality!
Thats exactly what happened! Luck was on his side
A loss is a loss whether friendly or not, sure it may have not been an important game but still
Where was RM? In Chivas pocket, only shows that you guys rely so much on CR
He is a pretty consistent attacking midfielder- creating chances, making assists, scoring important goals. He scored a similar goal to the second one in the cha...
I understand where your coming from but to try to count goals that Barca almost made is kinda lame because if the ball was not cleared from the line around the ...
@YousifSaid Yea sometimes it can be a big disadvantage for my team to not allow non-Mexican players because when we need players, we can't look elsewhere and pl...
Only saw the first half (had to go play)... Was a very entertaining 45 minutes, hopefully ESPN replay's the game to watch the second 45. Good game my Chivas!
@LyleORoss No the ref had a good game. He did nothing that potentially could of changed the outcome of the game for either team. Chicha only went to reclaim wha...
8 years ago
Those commentators are garbage joking around live instead of commentating, playing around with each other until something happens in the game. And like you said...
@Seb1414 you lucky bastard
Completely agree with both Ranndino and Cheboludo
I saw it on Univision to... I don't like them that much either but they are waaay better than the ones in TV Azteca and alot more tolerable. haha the only biase...
Dude you are wrong is so many levels. The second goal you are talking about, Hernandez was onside at the moment Gio crossed the ball... Look closer and you will...
F**k man these TV Azteca commentators are garbage. Luckily the game was good enough to ignore them
The manager does not seem to agree with you Kodyx... Plus he has Aaron Lennon in direct competition for the starter position who is also a great footballer
Would of been great to see this Mexico squad in Copa America... Hopefully our under 22 +5 experienced (including Gio) makes a good impression whether we lose or...
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