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7 years ago
Make a designated 'smokers stand' Jobe done.
Sorry I didn't read the question properly (lol). I meant 'No chance' in todays game...Basically agreeing with you 100% Crumpeteer.
No chance. In every race, in every religion and in every culture women are generally viewed as inferior to men. So unfortunately the thought of a female manager...
The capital of football is in a small town located in Switzerland: Nyon, where the UEFA headquarters resides. I suppose you could call London a football hub,...
Err if he has an ego then no thanks, we don't want him either. Chelsea can have him, I'm sure he'll get along well with 'Le Sulk' or he can be a merchandise-who...
Nothing better to do at the present time other than to teach the uneducated minds I guess? :)
Have to agree Borg. I love the Dutch team but they always seem to flatter to deceive when it comes down to progressing after they have hit maximum points in the...
Well exactly, he has some national pride. Which unfortunately is somewhat lackluster in todays game. I seem to remember a Spanish team in La Liga last year that...
Our national side was bad because of crap managers and media pressure on team selection. The number of foreigners playing in our league is an also undecided fac...
Note to people that think we are over reacting: Unfortunately as supporters we are obliged to support our national team. Saying 'oh we only beat Wales' or 'tha...
Muller is such an intelligent player. I wish Arsenal would of had signed him instead of Bendtner. I also maintain that had he not been banned for the semi final...
I've been maintaining that Parker and Wilshere should be our CM since the latter's amazing progression with The Arsenal this season, glad to see Capello has fin...
What's up Hitch, worried are we?
Ok, I'm starting to believe that it's our defensive and goalkeeping coach that is the problem here. In practically every game for the past two years I've seen s...
Er no again. Barca were beaten at their own game at the Emirates. Minus A ridiculous sending off and a sloppy pass from Fabregas and who knows what might of hap...
Abidal best left back? Er no. LMAO NO.
Markodon gtfo. This is a good debate. There is no problem with players playing for another country that they have hailed heritage from. However it is players t...
Ok, calm down. They were just honest queries. I too thought he was Brazilian and wondered why he was in the team. There are a lot of players playing for countri...
Er, no. Most of the teams are weak.
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