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Yingyang wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
Let'ssee what happen if he joins one: - Manchester United: sure is great, but he will have to wait in 2 or 3 years before taking manager - Manchester City: impo...
6 years ago
Some rare sight in this match: - a ball flying above Valdes and gets in the goal... - Messi misses (really misses) a penalty... - Messi pulling someone else's s...
He doesn't win it... just saves it... i doubt your friend will give you your 1000 but you won the 500... congrats...
Its good not to see an el clasico at the champions league final...
A good match... blackburn certainly deserves a praise.. united's attack... almost all are blocked... lovely saves from de gea... :D
Really is an off-balanced match... lovely goals from benzema and ronaldo...
He'll be back soon enough... this time not only as a striker, but also as a creative midfielder... seems like the problem God has given him has make him better....
Carrol's diving... liverpool sucks with their 50 % this time... while Newcastle use theirs perfectly
If united won tonight... then united will be celebrating the 20th in the city of manchester stadium :) but honestly, isn't it will be boring if we the gap are ...
Still one more lag :D
Don't worry, just 2 matches away and he still got another season next year (most likely... the midfielders still need a big brother figure...)
De gea proves his cost is right again... despite defoe's quick counter... young's killer shot appears again... it's been sometime... :D
No, that's what we call "perfect positioning" not everybody can do that... only the most talented players... and even when you are most talented, you still need...
"goals win matches... not possesion..." the most perfect word for this match... Sczesny goes on rampage lets hope he can do it too against ibra and friends...
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