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If you seen how Barcelona play then you would know that they only play short passes and quick cause they are smaller and their defense isn't that great and is j...
6 years ago
Obviously i saw nothing wrong with Robinho's case, it was totally fair. His boots weren't even high and it just deflected off his boots and it just took it in ...
Sure Barcelona can be stop. Did you see how Real Madrid did it against them in the Copa Del Rey finals last year? When Real Madrid had alot of chances and they ...
Ronaldinho is still dangerous on those freekicks.
It is always a heated rival, i think barcelona deserves the kicking and beating from real madrid for beating them too much.
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Madrid 3-0 AGG Inter 2-0 AGG Man Utd 4-2 AGG Bar 3-1 AGG
7 years ago
Man utd will win cause Man utd actually has strikers who can score, unlike chelsea, having trouble to score.
Man Utd winning against Bayern Munich and Chelsea.
8 years ago
That good news then! Rooney and Ferdinand fit for the Bayern Munich game.
I got to say that ferguson is one of the best coaches ever to coach the beautiful game. I consider him a sucessful coach and has build up a strong squad not onl...
Liverpools best year would have to of been 2008/2009. They moved the ball so well that year.
Liverpool is not playing how they should be. There needs to be a change to their squad. Liverpools needs serious help.
Damn he is the best striker ever, how could you count him out. I think dunga doesn't like how they way he just stands and don't run.
Man Utd are lucky and they are really breathing down their necks. They have to do better.
What about the talk of getting Benzema or Villa?
Wow what i great perfomance played by Real in the second half. I got to admit that i like how real moves the ball around.
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