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3 years ago
4 years ago
Hi Lloyd, I believe it is pretty obvious that you have been put on status for being a troll. Manchester United vs Everton match page: 05/12/2013 14:26 TROLOLOL...
Omfg stfu commentator...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Great article - the best thing to do right now for Liverpool is to keep our heads down and continue to win against smaller teams, at the very least, if we want ...
YWNA8 gave the Sunderland v Liverpool video a rating of 5
Our attack looks beastly with Suarez back in there. Just gotta wait for Coutinho to get back from injury. He's truly our number 1 playmaker
Let's see who's got the last laugh at the end of the season mate
Classic chelski fan's attitude. Btw, how is Torres doing? s**t, really? E'to is playing ahead of him, you've loaned out your best striker (that's saying somethi...
Liverpool legend strikes back. Even Gutierrez wanted his shirt lol
6 years ago
Too true. Stoke can only play high balls and set pieces (including throw ins). They rely on the ref too much...
Oh btw, thanks for the 50 mil. Got us two great strikers. ;)
@Princefad1 Yeah because the only way Chelsea can counter Liverpool is through buying our goalscorers. How would you like it if we decided to buy your best play...
Defensive Mid - just like Phil Jones.
I swear Chelsea buy all the players from Liverpool that score against them: -Torres -Benayoun (whos now at Arsenal) -Anelka -Merieles
A Man Utd fan praising a Liverpool player? This is practically unheard of!
And that's why he's a Barca fan...
Bloody hell. Man City look unstoppable. I think they'll win the league above Man utd. (I hope so aswell xD)
Gotta love Van Persie's quality
Man Utd - CHAMP1-6NS.
Chris Foy seems a LITTLE bit bias towards the home side. Chelsea showed great spirit even with 9 men down. Well played.
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